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8SUMMER 2012NEWSCalf linkA FOLDof Highland cattle hassettled in well at Culloden sincetaking up residence close to thevisitor centre. A new addition wasborn recently and the male calf hasbeen named Leanach (Gaelic for"Swampy"). Deirdre Smyth, manager, said:"We are very grateful to ourgenerous donor for supplying ourlovely Highland cows. The visitorslove them and they appear to enjoybeing photographed. "They are an excellent reminderof the link to the old 'black cattle'that would have been found aroundhere at the time of the battle."Double boostBRODICK Estate and Inverewe Garden, pictured right,have been chosen as properties to benefit from the firstof the Trust's "Signature Projects". The Five Year Strategy, published in August 2011,contained a pledge to carry out a series of top-levelprojects that would acts exemplars for the entireorganisation.Kate Mavor, the Trust's Chief Executive, said ofBrodick: "This place is of enormous significance interms of Scottish heritage to the Trust and to the localarea. This project will enable us to work methodically,to identify all the potential that we have at Brodick andwork out how to make it the very best it can be. "We'll work creatively, with people from inside theTrust, the community and experts from a range ofbackgrounds to help find the best way forward." Ken Thorburn, property manager at Brodick, said:"We are pleased to be trailblazing on behalf of the Trustand Scottish heritage as a signature project. And we'regetting ready for a busy summer season."Kate Mavor said of Inverewe: "It's a real treasure, butwe know it can be so much more."Roy Dowsett, property manager there, alsowelcomed the decision and said: "This is a veryexciting year for Inverewe." Let us playYOUNGvisitors to Brodie Castle are happier than ever since theinstallation of a playpark there. First to sample the attraction were somelucky pupils from Dyke Primary School in Forres. The opening was performed by Bill and Lorraine Budge, whose generousdonation made it possible. Work began in February after the Budge Trustawarded more than £80,000 to the project. The donation is the largest so far from the fund, established by the coupleto support worthy causes in the area as well as other projects to benefit thewellbeing or education of children. The timber-framed playground offersfun features for families to enjoy in a woodland setting behind the castle. Mr Budge, chairman of Stewart Group, the international shipbrokingorganisation, said: "My wife and I are delighted and must thank all the Trustpersonnel who worked sohard to ensure theplayground has opened ontime. We have gifted anendowment which willmean the playpark will bemaintained to the highestof standards."A patio area has alsobeen created, whereparents can enjoy a drinkand snack. 23 JuneGladstone's Land ishosting astorytelling event,starting with a talkabout 17th-centuryEdinburgh. Aservant will appearin costume and willdiscuss the day'stasks and gossipwith the lady of thehouse. There will betwo shows, at 12.30and 2 - to book yourfree tickets call0844 493 2120.FOR THEDIARYWalk onTAKEpart in a 10k twilight countrywalk for Marie Curie Cancer Care atHill of Tarvit on 4 August, then settledown for a picnic and an evening oflive entertainment. The Hill of TarvitMansionhouse was the home of thefirst ever Marie Curie Hospice, sothe occasion is steeped in historyand meaning. The house will beopen to all Walk Ten participants fora £1 donation on the evening. 0870 034 0040 for moreinformation.?

WWW.NTS.ORG.UK9Taste of the actionTHECanadian National Trust forScotland Foundation is proud toannounce a new partnership withHighland Park. Now, as the official whisky of theCanadian Foundation, Highland Parkwill bring its tradition of more than200 years of whisky-making inOrkney to Canadian supporters of theTrust by offering a series of whiskytastings at Toronto's only authenticScottish pub and restaurant, TheCaledonian. Deepti Gurkar, brand manager forHighland Park in Canada, said:"Sharing Scotland's heritage with theworld is important to Highland Parkand the National Trust for Scotland.We are very excited about this newpartnership with the CanadianFoundation and look forward tosharing Scotland's heritage with moreand more Canadians." See more about the tastings.FOLLOWINGa successful start, the Trust is holding morelocal assemblies, at which members and supporters canmeet representatives of the Board of Trustees and seniormanagers. This is an ideal way to hear how the organisation isprogressing with delivery of the new five-year strategy, to learnabout conservation of properties in your area and to take part ingroup discussions on heritage topics. Assemblies have beenarranged as follows: . 12 September, 11amHaddo House. 22 September, 2.30pmGeneral Assembly Hall, The Mound,Edinburgh (the Trust's AGM will be held from 11am on same day). 17 October, 11amThreave Estate. 27 April 2013, 11amGlasgow -venue to be confirmedMore dates and locations will be announced soon. If you would liketo know more, or to register an interest in attending an event, pleasee-mail call 0844 493 2100. Pleaseprovide your name, contact details and membership number if youhave one. We do hope you can come to an event, so that we canhear your thoughts about the Trust and its future in your area.Have your sayTAKE NOTEMill upgradeTHE visitor centre at Preston Millhas a fresh new look, giving a hi-tech insight into the East Lothianproperty and its history.Visitors can learn about millingtechniques through new interactivedisplays, with special areas forchildren. A new member of the team- Millie the Mouse - will encourageyoungsters to touch grains andcereals and mill their own oats aswell as hearing the story of the mill. A former hen house has beenopened up for activities, while allthe buildings have new panels,improved paintwork and betterlighting. A new visitor guide has alsobeen produced, along with ExplorerBackpacks for hire.Financial support has come fromViridor Credits, a not-for-profitorganisation that provides fundingfor community and heritage profits,with 10 per cent match funding fromthe Edinburgh Members' Centre. ?