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SoundScapeIssue 0203Welcome to the second edition of SoundScape, where life sounds good. Firstly, may I thank you for your praise, feedback and encouragement for our inaugural edition which has been very gratefully received by the team. Building on some of the themes from the launch issue, this edition of SoundScape is aimed at creating a Sound World. A world at peace, and wholesome from the profi ts of sustainable and managed soundscapes. As we consider sound as fl uid as the air we breathe, a life force coursing through our planet, we are better placed to understand its scope, and channel its potency. Journey through SoundScape to explore what is being done to improve and enhance the aural environment. Alight on Sounding Brighton, to discover how this pioneering project is joining together the NAS with local residents, the local authority, artists and scientists to craft positive soundscapes. Explore the power of musical traditions and preferences in Dr Witchel's State of Mind and catch up on John Stewart's progress in Plane Truths. With budget cuts, the Sound Regeneration feature reveals how local authorities can benefi t from public funding to regenerate social housing; and for sustainable acoustic insulation look no further than Sound Design. Discerning diners and responsible restaurateurs will enjoy Sound Dining, and for the intrepid traveler, be transported to a Sound City where recycled sounds create music and revolving ear-trumpets reveal unexplored worlds. Our Sound World begins at school, where our next generation is being trained and inspired. How do we make the most of our resources and ensure that students are given the opportunity to achieve their full potential? Making the Grade explores how noise is hindering the absorption and retention of vital knowledge and information, and having a negative effect on the general quality of learning. Enjoy the comforting heritage pieces that frame the work of the NAS - Hall of Fame with a unique perspective on noise and its effects, SoundScape is teeming with insightful, intelligent features. Bringing into focus the complexity of sound, its power and infl uence, the magazine sheds light on our perceptions and experience of the aural landscapeSound illuminationsfeatures our infl uential founding members who lobbied to protect the aural fabric of this land, and Quiet Pioneer recounts how the man who made our streets safer in the 1970s is now making them quieter. As ever, your support and feedback is vital to us - please consider becoming a member or making a donation at In the meantime, we encourage you to pass on this issue of SoundScape to like-minded friends and colleagues, for their interest, enjoyment and support. With quiet wishes, Catherine Bennett, Editor

SoundScapeIssue 0204Soundbitesfrom this issue03 Letter from the Editor Catherine Bennett looks forward to a sound world for all06 Sound Numbers Findings from the NAS helpline document the distress, stress and fear sustained by noise sufferers10 Making the Grade Matthew Cresswell investigates the urgent need for better acoustics in schools to safeguard present and future generations16 Lessons Learned How Love Your Ears is encouraging children to actively listen and be aware of their hearing health18 Noise Oscars The John Connell Awards 2011 recognise and reward quiet excellence20 Tranquil Measures Emma Quayle rallies support for sound balance in the built environment22 Sound Future The Edward Woods Estate project underpins the need for better soundproofi ng in social housing26 Sound City Soundscape specialist Max Dixon tests the foundations, reporting from Tuned City Tallinn30 Hall of Fame SoundScape explores the NAS membership archives and rediscovers its roots32 Sound Design How better indoor soundscapes are creating spaces fi t for the future36 Sound Territory Dr Harry Witchel tells us how sound makes a space a place 40 Sounding Brighton How one city's bold approach and creativity is paving the way for soundscape interventions of the future44 Plane Truths Review of Heathrow's noise mitigation scheme by eco-warrior John Stewart46 Local Hero A quiet word with Wandsworth Council's John Sibson50 Sound Dining Emma Greenland advises restaurateurs before diners vote with their feet54 Quiet Pioneer Paula Field on the trail blazed by entrepreneur Chris Hanson-Abbott56 Loo Roles Five minutes peace? Not in a public toilet, Dr John Levack Drever discovers60 The End of Hearing Sci-fi designer Marek Kultys ponders a world where its inhabitants cannot hear 62 Music Makers SoundScape explores a book about music and how it makes us feelEditor-in-chief Lisa Lavia Editor Catherine Bennett Staff reporter Paula Field Ezine design Picture editor Lisa LaviaEditorial and Media Kit enquiries:SoundScape@noise-abatement.orgWith special thanks for contributions from:Emma Quayle Sound Artist Springett Sound Artistwww.estherspringett.comJulian Treasure The Sound Agency www.thesoundagency.comMartyn Ware Illustrious Company