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SoundScapeIssue 02 59

SoundScapeIssue 02 60The end of hearingthe EU has foretold of the dangers to hearing facing the present generation if they don't change their exposure to and are not protected from ceaseless noise pollution. What would this mean? SoundScape asked science fiction designer, Marek Kultys, to share his imaginings of a world where most of its inhabitants cannot hear'The End of Hearing' is an experimental design project based on three written science fiction scenarios. Each one is underpinned by scientific evidence, data, and research available today. The aim of the project is to encourage conscious thinking about our aural faculty. By envisaging a possible future of human hearing, I hope to trigger a public debate, as well as a personal reflection in the viewer. Dystopian storytelling, short films, physical prototypes and live performance - all these techniques bring the imagined future closer to the spectator, making 'The End of Hearing' a tangible experience. It leaves no room for indifference and makes one think.Whilst working on 'The End of Hearing' I discovered that I have tinnitus. To realise that this can be a direct result of living in noisy urban areas and my music listening habits, influenced the project. I hope that 'The End of Hearing' can be a forewarning about the very real consequences of the decisions each one of us makes in their lives.