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Poor room acoustics have a strong impact on the learning ability of students in schools and colleges. Experience has proven using a Rockfon solution can dramatically improve acoustic comfort, vastly reduce reverberation times and increase speech intelligibility.Top class acoustic solutions including ceiling tiles, wall absorbers, baffles and islands:. Aids compliance with BB93 (Acoustic Design in Schools). Best sound absorption in speech frequency range. Achieves safest fire classification - A1 non combustible. Dimensionally stable up to 100% relative humidity. Lightweight, easy to install, demount and replace. 100% recyclable back into its own production processWith Rockfon ceilings, even the students at the back of the class will hear every word, in a healthier interior environment.For more information and samples call 0800 3890314 email or visit Martin Oubridge, Project Manager, BAM Construction:"We had a lot of performance criteria for this project, which included meeting specific acoustic requirements, alongside overall life cycle costs and price. The design included a large amount of exposed concrete for thermal mass to assist with the building's BREEAM rating".Whisper it or say it loud, Rockfon is great at controlling sound...

Today's teenagers are at risk of being the fi rst generation to be signifi cantly hearing impaired or deaf before the age of 40.94% of teenagers surveyed regularly listened to their MP3 players at levels dangerous to hearing, 85dB(A) and above.*Hearing damage develops cumulatively over time, meaning that when hearing impairment is actually noticed, it is nearly always too late to affect a cure.Help us fi ght this teenage timebomb.*Noise Abatement Society survey For more information on NAS' Love Your Ears schools programme contact us at info@noise-abatement.orgLove Your Ears is proudly supported by: