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For scheduled departures and tailor-made itineraries, visit us at or contact SITA Tours Canada at 877.689.SITASelect China tours:Destinations include Africa, Asia, Australia & South Pacific, India and South America Member of ACTA and USTOA, including $1M in consumer protection coverage. Renowned for our highly experienced travel specialistsConveniently available via phone 6:00 am - 6:00 pm PST or online ALL scheduled brochure departures are guaranteed to operate with a minimum of two passengers.Customize: Tailor-make a customized itinerary to suit your client's needsOffering Escorted, Locally Hosted and Independent Programs. Agents earn a $100 booking bonus on any scheduled brochure departureCompetitive rates and value added features in every SITA programNational Geographic named SITA one of five top tour operators to China.Named Top Tour Operator to India from The Americas by Ministry of Tourism, India: 1996/97, 2004/05 and 2008/09...........Explore Chinawith SITA World ToursHighlights of China - 12 DaysVisit: Beijing, Xian, Guilin, Li River, Yangshuo, ShanghaiHighlights: Li River Cruise, cultural shows and dinners, Terra Cotta Warriors, the Bund in Shanghai & more!Choice of first class or deluxe From USD2,170 per person sharingBest of China with Yangtze River Cruise - 13 Days Visit: Shanghai, Yichang, Shibaozhai, Chongqing, Xian, BeijingHighlights: Cruise on Yangtze River and Three Gorges, cultural dinners and shows, Great Wall excursion & more!Choice of first class or deluxe From USD2,380 per person sharing

As old as history and as vibrant and exciting as to­morrow, the lure of China, complemented by the whole of Asia, is enough to awaken the wanderlust in even the most world weary traveler. The sheer cultural and geographic diversity of this magnifi­cent landscape coupled with comforts and accom­modations in line with the world's most sophisti­cated, make China and nearby Asian countries, an adventure, an experience and a real vacation.A Showcase to the World.China is a realm that literally has everything. The 2008 Olympics in Beijing opened a new world of travel possibilities that have expanded the scope and variety of itineraries from the vast, wide open vistas of Tibet to the glitter and western-in­fused glamour of Shanghai. With the splendor of the Great Wall, the fascination of the Terra Cotta Warriors, the intrigue of the Forbidden City, the natural wonder of the Xiling Gorge, the rich his­tory of Macau and the sheer magnitude of Bei­jing, each day is a revelation and a chance to experience unique and truly authentic cultures. The enthusiasm for travel to China and a willing­ness among neighboring governments to adopt tourist friendly policies, has led to a growing de­mand for adding other Asian nations to China tour itineraries. Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, Malaysia and most recently Cambodia and Myanmar have been attracting rave reviews with their fascinat­ing customs, historic landmarks, eye-popping ge­ography, delicious cuisines, fabulous shopping and delightful, friendly people. SITA Knows The Best of China and Its Asian Neighbors. Personal knowledge is key when it comes to cre­ating comprehensive and exciting China itinerar­ies. SITA World Tours offers more than 75 years of hands-on experience with every aspect of travel in China and the surrounding Asian countries. SITA has developed a world-wide network of travel packages that include destinations in Africa, Aus­tralia, the South Pacific and South America as well as Asia. SITA CEO, Roger Mahil, was born in India and the company's hand-picked staff has an inti­mate knowledge of secret special experiences that put their guests in touch with authentic Asian cul­tures. SITA Vice President, Laudie Hanou, points out that, "At SITA we are ready to tailor our itiner­aries to the interests and desires of our guests. We can arrange one-of-a-kind tours and adventures.even incentive programs and special events. The ability to individualize is what makes us unique in the industry."Contact SITA Tours Canada.SITA's selection of packaged tours includes all the highlights along with exciting surprises and every­day opportunities to sample the rich textures of Asian life. A review of SITA itineraries reveals oppor­tunities for dramatic river cruises, acrobat performances, world-class shopping, a visit to an orangutan sanctuary, nature walks, spell-bind­ing cyclo rides, festive meals and en­tertainment and much, much more. To learn more including scheduled departure dates and complete itin­erary details, visit or call SITA Tours Canada at877.689.SITATA. Try China and You'll Want to Sample the Rest of Asia