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PRESSURE FREE - Fiji provides an idyllic escape from the pres-sure of organizing the wedding at home. Most resorts have a series of wedding packages to choose from.HAVE AN ENTIRE RESORT TO YOURSELF - In Fiji wedding parties are often able to take over whole resorts allowing to-tal privacy.A CHOICE OF BEAUTIFUL LOCATIONS - Without doubt the azure oceans and pristine beaches are the major attraction to plan your wedding around. Yet sparkling waterfalls, tropical forests or even a resort provide a number of settings, each one as magnificent as the last. A mix of colonial and modern architec-ture provide many options.THE CULTURE - With its beau-tiful traditions of song and dance, Fijian culture can be a beautiful part of your cere-mony from the marvel of fire walking to the beautiful voices of the people around you. FANTASTIC FOOD - Don't for-get the wonderful food! Local specialities combined with a mix of international flavours provide first class cuisine. Once again your choice from formal dinners to casual dining or even a picnic by the beach. FANTASTIC PHOTO OPPOR-TUNITIES - With heavenly sun-sets and scenery out of a movie Fiji provides an amazing back-drop for wedding photos. THE WEATHER - Enjoy an ideal South Sea environment and have your wedding under sparking skies. Some areas of Fiji can go for six months without a drop of rain.CHOICE OF ACCOMMODATION - A range of accommodation choices to suit everyone's bud-get from Fabulous first class re-sorts to more family or budget oriented accommodation. NOT HAVING TO TRAVEL FOR YOUR HONEYMOON - What better way to start your honey-moon than simply walking up the beach.LOW COST - The biggest sur-prise is cost - many Fijian wed-ding packages are cheaper, with optional extras to suit any budget. For more information visit www.fijime.tvCelebrate you Wedding or Honeymoon in Paradise10 Reasons to select the Fiji Islands

Prague Hotel Tops World's Ten Best - A Prague hotel has been voted the best in the world by users of hotel review site TripAdvisor. The Golden Well hotel in the Czech capital topped the list for the second year running - last time it was recognized as the best luxury (4&5 star) hotel in the world. Despite having only 17 rooms and two suites, the hotel offers the services of a much larg­er property, such as wine upon arrival and a roof­top restaurant. In second place were the Anastatis Apartments in Santorini, Greece, while the Ried Le Calife in Fez, Morocco won third place.Zurich Airport Boasts 'Best Airport Bar' - A bar at Switzerland's Zurich Airport has been named as the best airport bar in the world in the inaugural Airport Food and Beverage Awards, held in Manchester in January. The Center Bar, which stretches along one side of Zurich's de­parture terminal, beat contenders that included Harry's Bar, an open air lounge on the roof of Singapore's Changi Airport and Saji Bumi at Kula Lumpur International Airport. Rome's Interactive Mobile Guide - Rome has unveiled the latest breakthrough in virtual tourism: the Roma Mobile Guide. Available to download on to iPhones and smartphones the guide offers information on ancient Roman sites as well as itineraries through the historic centre, the Jewish Ghetto, the Roman Forum and even a Michelangelo tour. The system is equipped with an interactive map which highlights the best routes to take and local attractions such as music, art, theatre and sporting events as well as 400 hotels and restaurants that are accessible for people with disabilities.Get Down and 'Dirty' in London's West End - When visiting London why not head to the West End for a production that ensures a great experience? At the district's Aldwych The­atre, the stage adaptation of one of the most popular dancing films in history will be fea­tured through spring. "Dirty Dancing" has been specially adapted for an excellent production in London's prestigious theatre scene.Paris' Best View is Free - If you've always dreamed of making your way to the top of the Eiffel Tower and enjoying the view, by all means spend the time and money necessary to make it happen. But if you simply want to ex­perience the thrill of seeing this huge city from a spectacular vantage point consider the view at Sacre Coeur instead. Use a Metro pass to get to the Abbesses stop on the green line and take a short walk to the Montmartre funicular. Enjoy a tour of the Basilica before or after ad­miring the view. Belgium - Europe's Best Kept Travel Se­cret? - Belgium is small, easy to get around and has great food. No need to take a flight between cities; the train is fast and efficient. Like the dia­monds Antwerp is famous for, you'll be visiting a country that exhibits many facets. For example the northern Flemish speak Dutch, while the southern Walloons speak French. English is widely spoken everywhere. This compact country is packed with interesting medieval cities, quaint towns, Gothic cathedrals, castles, great beer, diamonds, fries and endive - what more could you want?Bucharest is Third Cheapest City to Vis­it in Europe - A budget tourist can visit Bu­charest for just 28.3 dollars a day, making it the third cheapest city destination in Europe a study revealed. A night at a hostel can cost less than 10 dollars a night. Food and bever­ages 14.7 dollars per day. Public transportation is less than 10 cents. Bucharest may not be the most delightful city in Romania and it does not seem in a hurry to attract visitors from the West. Fortunately, those who make the effort will be rewarded with low prices.