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Extraordinary Cultural Diversitywritten language many of their legends, religion and stories are incorporated into their embroi-dery designs. The Miao have numerous festivals each year which are lively, colourful and visitors are always graciously welcomed to join in the festivities.Yunnan Province is endlessly fascinating. Situ-ated in the southwestern borderland of China it is noted for magnificent landscapes, agreeable climate and fascinating life style of its ethnic people There are 25 different ethnic minorities in Yunnan, making it the most culturally diverse province in China. This multiplicity of cultures has endowed the province with a rich heritage that is shares with all who come to visit. There is al-ways something wonderful to see and do here. Whether you are visiting a Dongba village, the Dai Water Splashing Festival, the Third Month Fair of the Bai Nationality, or the Torch Festi-val of the Yi people, you will find that Yunnan is a place that celebrates life. Other festivals include the Sword Pole Festival (Daoganjie) of the Lisu people and Munao Zongge Festival of the Jingpo people will immerse tourists in a sea of joy and excitement. Yunnan is also a natural museum. Different to-pography and climate have formed in Yunnan a unique biosphere ranging from the tropical to the frigid. The province leads China in number of plants and animal species.

Jiangsu is a province located in the middle of China's eastern coast on the lower reaches of the Yangtze River. It is a region known for its lakes and rivers. Suzhou, a city to the south of the lower reaches of the Yangtze River, enjoys a worldwide repu­tation for its delicate and clas­sical gardens. The gardens are hidden within the city's walls and were built over 1000 years ago. Today's Suzhou is a city that preserves its awe-inspiring scenery, running streams, small bridges, waterside houses, ele­gant kunqu opera and the most characteristic of Suzhou, the classical gardens, listed in the UNESCO World Heritage lists. In fact, the entire city looks like one big garden in itself.The Classical Gardens of Su­zhou are cultured and the artis­tic essence of folk architecture in China. This can only be ap­preciated by visiting them, and thus to understand why Suzhou is called 'Paradise on Earth'.Jiangsu Province - Suzhou Classical Gardens