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Qatar Airways has recently been honoured by leading aviation industry figures for its wide-ranging global envi­ronmental initiatives.The Doha-based carrier's well documented move into the re­search of alternative jet fuel, as part of an overall mission to se­cure a cleaner and environmen­tally friendly future, helped win it the Environment accolade at the annual Airline Strategy Awards held in London.The airline was acknowledged for its leadership in pioneering the use of alternative jet fuel having operated the world's first commercial passenger flight powered by a fuel made from natural gas. The flight from London Gatwick to Doha in October 2009 made head­lines around the world. Over the past two years, Qa­tar Airways has been instru­mental in driving a number of environmentally-friendly projects designed to find ways to maximize fuel saving efficiency and explore the use of cleaner jet fuels.Qatar Airways Chief Executive Officer Akbar Al Baker said: "It is a great honour for the airline to be recognized with this prestigious award and it only demonstrates the com­mitment that we at Qatar Air­ways have towards a cleaner and environmentally-friendly crowded skies."The ultimate aim is to use a blend of FTL and BTL jet fuel to help the airline be indepen­dent of conventional aviation jet fuel in the future. Qatar Airways' leadership knew the time had come to significantly boost its activities on the environmental front. Qatar Airways Honoured With Key Environment