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what's cookingredwhite tips for A Destination Cocktail Wedding ReceptionA cocktail wedding reception can be a fun, less formal alternative for your destination wedding reception. Many times the food served at cocktail hour is better than the meal itself, so why not just skip the meal and extend the cocktail hour?This choice allows you to have many different food items to sample, and it provides a more in-formal atmosphere than a traditional sit down wedding reception dinner. There are some very good reasons for having a cocktail wedding re-ception. Not only can they possibly save you some money, it also allows you to be creative with your menu selections.Let Your Guests Know - Your wedding invita-tions should state what type of reception you will be having. Something as simple as "Cocktail Re-ception To Follow Ceremony" printed on the invi-tations is sufficient. Give your guests a heads up about what to expect. The Location - Almost any location can be used for a cocktail reception. Have your resort wed-ding co-ordinator make recommendations.The Menu - Passed hors d'oeuvres are usually found at a cocktail reception. In addition to the standard favorites try incorporating unique types of food that are representative of your destination.Signature Cocktail - The perfect compliment to your cocktail reception menu are wedding signa-ture drinks. You can have one or more drinks that tie into your overall wedding theme (a season or location) or maybe you just have a favorite drink that you want to share with your guests.Entertainment - The overall theme of your wed-ding will help to determine the entertainment you select. For a more formal event, you can choose a small band or for a larger event you may want to hire a DJ to entertain your guests. Just because you are having a cocktail event doesn't mean your guests can't dance and have a good time.Let Them Mingle - At a cocktail reception guests typically move around and socialize a little more than the traditional sit down recep-tion. Planning to have enough places for your guests to sit is a very important step that you don't want to forget.