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WEDDINGSIsland Style!The perfect wedding begins in paradise. The romantics among us believe that exotic islands exist especially for lovers because they provide the most idyllic settings ever created for weddings and honeymoons. Romantics have known for years how incred-ibly perfect an island can be for honeymooning. Now just image how much more per-fect it would be to combine both wedding and honey-moon on the same island --no packing, no airports, no has-sles to reach your destination because you're already there.Imagine exchanging your vows on a deserted white-sand beach with the turquoise sea and a scarlet sunset as a backdrop. It's easier than every to have a wedding ceremony performed in an exotic location. Virtually every island resort has not only a choice of fabulously romantic sites for your ceremony, but they also provide on staff experts to be your wedding planner and to ease you through all the pre-planning and paperwork. Engage Travel Professionals that specialize in wedding travel. They work with brides and grooms every day, and they have the knowledge and expertise that enable them to find the right resort, cruise or tour for your specific wedding group. Ensure that your wed-ding travel arrangements are perfect, and stress-free, by al-lowing a Travel Professional to handle all the details. They will orchestrate every detail according to your requests including the finest island flo-ral designers, musicians, pho-tographers and wedding cake creations.