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reality, so why would you settle for anything less? There is very little that a good travel agent wedding planner can't do. Let them be the professional they are and give yourself a chance to enjoy your engagement. 3. Support - Let's face it; men are not always the best partners when it comes to planning a wed-ding. They would rather let you choose the colour combinations, flower arrangements, cake and seating arrangements. After all, this is the brides wedding, not theirs. Many brides rely on moth-ers, sisters and best friends to help with the details, but by choosing an exotic destination, your travel agent and the on location wed-ding co-ordinator will take care of all that planning for you. Wedding planners and on location wedding co-ordinators are as much there to lend support as they are to take control. Go ahead and add an-other person to your wedding en-tourage -- the on location wedding co-ordinator at your resort -- after all, it's true what they say about safety in numbers.4. Affordability - Weddings can be an expensive undertaking. That is why more and more couples are discovering that choosing a tropi-cal destination that combines their wedding and honeymoon together, they can save thousands of dollars. Wedding packages are available for all budgets. A travel profession-al that specializes in weddings has the knowledge and connections to know where discounts are avail-able and where special advantag-es can be offered that you would know by doing it yourself. They will also work within a bud-get, so as long as your eyes are not bigger than your wallet, they should be able to give you everything you desire and perhaps a little more. 5. Attention to Detail - Any event has the potential to look nice, but it is the attention to smaller details that really gives this special occasion that some-thing extra and memorable. Looking after details is what your travel professional will do for you. By taking care of all those details, on your behalf, is a vast portion of their job and to take the wed-ding of your dreams and make it better. Let them!Destination Travel Agent Wedding Planner

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