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22The Bahamas Investorthat all non-Bahamians who purchaseproperty in The Bahamas get the approvalthat they require. They either need apermit or a registration certificate and weprocess all of those and send theapplications forward to the InvestmentsBoard, which makes the decision, andthen we issue the respective certificateor permit. Q:What requirementsmust be met for aproject to gain approval?A:First and foremost it has to be in anarea that is targeted for foreigninvestors. Then it has to meet ourminimum capital investment.Once those requirements are met, wehave to start doing due diligence. Welook at all the data provided, determinethe level of risk and investigate furtherdepending on our findings. If a projectmentions cutting inland, that is likelygoing to need an environmental impactassessment and environmentalmanagement plan, which are reviewedby the Ministry of the Environment. A project that includes a golf courseor a marina takes more time, but wewant golf courses and marinas in certainareas, so we have to go through what'srequired to get them approved. If yourratio of employing Bahamians to non-Bahamians is significantly higher thenthat is also a very good sign. SometimesBahamians may not be available to fillparticular positions because of the level ofexpertise, but work permit applicationsare processed based on needs.Q:What recent trends in FDI have you noticed?A:Rather than constructing a $10-million boutique hotel, investors areopting to buy three houses and rentthem. That is a very popular trend atthe moment and we are looking tofurther grow our second-home market. In project financing, there is a trendwhere sponsorship for commercial projectsis coming from financial institutions inAsia. But, I have noticed that persons whoare seeking to invest now are using equityas opposed to financing. For the most partit is their money or it is their partner'smoney.They are looking at smallerdevelopments, the kind the governmentis particularly interested in. What I find is that investors wantsomething they can love at the end of theday. They find a beautiful beach and theyfall in love with it and they want to investin a development that is personal tothem. That is why I think they are usingequity to do so. They are quite preparedto put $15 million or $20 million oftheir own funds into the ground. Q:Any recent policyamendments making it easier for investors to live and do business in The Bahamas?A:If you own a home in The Bahamasvalued at $1.5 million or more you canreceive accelerated consideration forpermanent residency. The PrimeMinister in April set a time period of 21days for approval.We raised the level of minimum capitalinvestments from $250,000 to $500,000.Major developers can also receiveaccelerated consideration for permanentresidency, particularly those involved inprojects worth tens of millions.Q:What does the future hold for the BIA?A:The BIA has expanded its staffcomplement over the last year. We haveobtained particular skill sets includingan attorney and advertising expert. Theidea is to facilitate the workload and theefficient service we are able to provide.As a part of the e-government initiative,we are now making available online allof the forms used by the BIA. Ourobjective is that soon investors would beable to submit their project proposalsonline. The easier it is for someone to dobusiness in the country, the morebusiness they will do.COURTESY BAHA MARGardiner with Prime Minister HubertIngraham (right) and Sarkis Izmirlian, BahaMar chairman and chief executive officerINVESTING