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Carpet Care Soil Removal - The soil re­moval test protocol re­quires that the vacuum cleaner must remove in 4 passes a satisfactory quantity of soil from the standard test carpet. Dust Containment - The dust containment test proto­col evaluates the total amount of dust particles released into the surrounding air by the action of the brush rolls, through the filtration bag, and any air leaks from the vacuum cleaner system. This protocol requires that a vacuum cleaner will release into the surrounding environment no more than 100 micrograms of dust particles per cubic meter of air, well below levels stated in the National Ambient Air Quality Standards. Carpet Appearance Retention - The test pro­tocol for appearance retention requires that the vacuum cleaner should affect the appearance of the carpet no more than a one- step change, based on one year of normal vacuum use. Vacuum cleaners must meet all three elements of the Standard in order to obtain authorization to display the official CRI Indoor Air Quality Test­ing Program Label or CRI Logo. These Triple S Vacuums are Green Label Approved by the Carpet and Rug Institute 10 CRI Green Label: The Carpet Industry Standard Now formulated to meet the stringent Carpet & Rug Institute's Seal of Ap­proval for overall cleaning effectiveness, rate of resoiling, pH, surface texture change and colorfastness. This more environmentally responsible, anti- soil, multi- purpose carpet cleaner concentrate is a pretreat and extraction cleaner. Powerful, cleaning agents pen­etrate and lift soils. Fiber All Plus is non- toxic, non- corrosive, Introducing our Green Carpet Cleaner Power, Performance in a New and Improved Green Formula Speedster 600H Back Pack Vacuum with HEPA FILTER The Speedster 600 de­livers speed, efficiency and comfort and offers excellent dust and soil removal in any com­mercial application. 928 watt motor, 60' Safety Orange cord, 6 quart soil capacity, 68 dB sound level, heavy duty attachment kit, 3/ 3/ 3/ lifetime warranty, weighs 9 lbs. Item No. 56008 Speedster 1000H Back Pack Vacuum with HEPA FILTER For power, strength and rugged durabil­ity. It's the most pow­erful and highest- capacity back pack vacuum available from Triple S. 1340 watt motor, 60' Safety Orange cord, 10 quart soil capacity, 69 dB sound level, heavy duty attachment kit, 3/ 3/ 3/ lifetime warranty, weighs 11 lbs. Item No. 56009 SSS ProSense X2 Two Motor Vacuum Choose the SSS ProSense X2 vac for ultimate versatility on all types of floors, with it's easy to maintain and easy to use features this vacuum was made with the user in mind. 11.5 amp mo­tor, 50' detachable cord, 67 dB sound level, telescopic wand with retractable dusting brush and built in crevice tool, 9' rein­forced stretch hose, easy bag change system and equipped with an ARM & HAMMER T vacuum bag eliminating odors, 2- year warranty on the motor & 1 year complete warranty, weighs 20 lbs. Item No. 26001 Speedster Vacuums Have Advanced Four Stage Filtration System: For a clean, happy, healthy work environ­ment frequent vacuuming with proper filtration will reduce allergens and harmful particles from re- entering the air. Now with HEPA, the most powerful backpack vacuums on the market have 6 or 10 quart filter capac­ity designed to handle high square- footage areas that require the utmost cleanliness. HEPA filter works in concert with an ad­vanced Four Level Filtration system ( includ­ing organically treated Triple S Micro Filters) to capture 99.97% of airborne particles .3 micron or larger which meets HEPA filtration levels. Stage 1 - Reusable 2- ply Micro Filter Stage 2 - Micro Cloth Filter Stage 3 - HEPA Dome Filter Stage 4 - Exhaust Filter contains no butyl, EDTA, phosphates, optical brighten­ers or volatile organic com­pounds ( VOCs) as defined by state and Fed­eral regulations. Team Pleascent Clean formulated products provide a single uniform fragrance throughout your facility for consistent odor manage­ment. Item No. 48070 4/ 1 gallon

11 Make NexGen Microfiber Part of Your Green Cleaning Program NexGen Microfiber System A " no- touch" solution to securely attaching and removing mops after use. Reduces cross- contamination and promote healthy cleaning processes. Excellent for healthcare and education facilities. NexGen Pretreat Cleaning Systems: . Fights cross- contamination by using a clean mop and solution for each application. . Reduces chemical usage by 75%. . Significantly reduces water consumption. 1.5 gallons of water will clean 8,000- 10,000 square feet. . For use with the PK ( pocket- style) or HL ( hook and loop) microfiber pads below. NexGen Pretreat Pocket Mops and Frames The NexGen Microfiber Pretreat Cleaning Dolly is designed to carry all of cleaning tools needed to properly clean floors and walls. NexGen Pretreat Cleaning Dolly . 19001 NexGen PK Microfiber Cleaning Dolly includes: NexGen PK 6 Gal Orange Clean Mop Bin ( w/ Lid) . 19003 NexGen PK 6 Gal Gray Dirty Mop Bin ( w/ Lid) . 19004 Additional System Tools: NexGen PK 1.5 Gal Blue Solution Mix Bucket . 19002 . The Solution Mix Bucket will measure the exact amount of cleaning solution needed t o properly pretreat mops and control chemical usage. NexGen 40"- 72" Aluminum Telescopic Handle . 19015 . Used with: PK Pocket Frame, HL Frame, TB Frame, Wall Wash Frame PK White Pocket Mops used for Floor Finish Application . 19025 PK Pocket- Frame . 19020 PK Blue Pocket Mop used for General Cleaning . 19021 PK Red Pocket Mop used for Rest Room Cleaning . 19022 PK Green Pocket Mop used for Table and Desk Tops . 19023 PK Yellow Pocket Mops used for Food Service Areas . 19024 NexGen Microfiber is a high performance cleaning material made from a mix of Polyester and Poylimide. A microfiber thread is the size of a human hair split 100 times. Each microfiber thread has small hooks that grab dirt and hold it during the cleaning process. Microfiber is very absorbent and will hold 10 times its weight in water. Microfiber mops and cloths will last 10 times longer than cotton products. NexGen Microfiber products are environmentally friendly as they require less chemical and water than traditional cotton mops and cloths. We offer complete cleaning systems for health care, education and industry.