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11 Make NexGen Microfiber Part of Your Green Cleaning Program NexGen Microfiber System A " no- touch" solution to securely attaching and removing mops after use. Reduces cross- contamination and promote healthy cleaning processes. Excellent for healthcare and education facilities. NexGen Pretreat Cleaning Systems: . Fights cross- contamination by using a clean mop and solution for each application. . Reduces chemical usage by 75%. . Significantly reduces water consumption. 1.5 gallons of water will clean 8,000- 10,000 square feet. . For use with the PK ( pocket- style) or HL ( hook and loop) microfiber pads below. NexGen Pretreat Pocket Mops and Frames The NexGen Microfiber Pretreat Cleaning Dolly is designed to carry all of cleaning tools needed to properly clean floors and walls. NexGen Pretreat Cleaning Dolly . 19001 NexGen PK Microfiber Cleaning Dolly includes: NexGen PK 6 Gal Orange Clean Mop Bin ( w/ Lid) . 19003 NexGen PK 6 Gal Gray Dirty Mop Bin ( w/ Lid) . 19004 Additional System Tools: NexGen PK 1.5 Gal Blue Solution Mix Bucket . 19002 . The Solution Mix Bucket will measure the exact amount of cleaning solution needed t o properly pretreat mops and control chemical usage. NexGen 40"- 72" Aluminum Telescopic Handle . 19015 . Used with: PK Pocket Frame, HL Frame, TB Frame, Wall Wash Frame PK White Pocket Mops used for Floor Finish Application . 19025 PK Pocket- Frame . 19020 PK Blue Pocket Mop used for General Cleaning . 19021 PK Red Pocket Mop used for Rest Room Cleaning . 19022 PK Green Pocket Mop used for Table and Desk Tops . 19023 PK Yellow Pocket Mops used for Food Service Areas . 19024 NexGen Microfiber is a high performance cleaning material made from a mix of Polyester and Poylimide. A microfiber thread is the size of a human hair split 100 times. Each microfiber thread has small hooks that grab dirt and hold it during the cleaning process. Microfiber is very absorbent and will hold 10 times its weight in water. Microfiber mops and cloths will last 10 times longer than cotton products. NexGen Microfiber products are environmentally friendly as they require less chemical and water than traditional cotton mops and cloths. We offer complete cleaning systems for health care, education and industry.

NexGen Microfiber System Continued 12 NexGen Microfiber System Easily upgrade to our high quality loop mops that will fit existing hook and loop hardware. NexGen Pretreat HL Hook and Loop Mops & Frames HL Hook and Loop Mop Frame . 19040 HL Blue Hook and Loop Mop . 19041 HL Red Hook and Loop Mop . 19042 HL Green Hook and Loop Mop . 19043 HL Blue Low Nap Economy Mop . 19044 NexGen Wall and Hard Surface Cleaning Tools: NexGen Cloths, Dusting and Hard Surface Cleaning Tools Flex High Duster Kit includes handle, flex wand, 2 dusting sleeves. . 19070 Blue Cloth Microfiber Duster Refill . 19071 Blue Chenille Microfiber Duster Refill . 19072 NexGen Microfiber Cloths: 16 x 16 Blue Microfiber General Cleaning Cloth . 19090 16 x 16 Pink Microfiber Rest Room Cleaning Cloth . 19091 16 x 16 Green Microfiber Touch Surfaces Cleaning Cloth . 19092 16 x 16 Yellow Microfiber Food Service Cleaning Cloth . 19093 16 x 16 Glass and Mirror Microfiber Cleaning Cloth . 19094 NexGen Microfiber Dusting Tools: Hand Held Frame . 19080 Wall Wash Frame with Swivel . 19081 NexGen 9" White Cleaning Pad . 19082 Microfiber Wash Instructions: . Wash alone . Always wash microfiber products separate from other fabric such as cotton. . Never use fabric softener . Fabric softener will ruin and clog microfiber yarn. . Periodic light bleach only . Bleach should be used in modera- tion. Over bleaching will reduce product life. . Maximum wash temp. 194F/ 90C . Do not use strong Alkaline deter- gent . Rinse thoroughly . Maximum drying temp. 60C/ 140F . Tumble dry at low temperature . Excess heat will ruin yarn . Less dry time will extend product life.