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13 NexGen Microfiber System Continued NexGen TB Divided Bucket Cleaning Systems: . Separates cleaning solution from dirty rinse water . Reduces the spread of dirty soil from area to area. . Significantly reduces water consumption by reducing fill and empty cycles. . For use with the TB Tab style mops and frame. NexGen TB Divided Bucket System NexGen TB Microfiber Mops & Frames: NexGen TB Divided Bucket with Down Press Wringer . 19010 Traditional mops and buckets spread contaminated soil from one area to another. The NexGen TB Divided bucket cleaning solution does not permit contamination, and performs better and lasts longer than traditional mopping systems. Our NexGen TB is not limited to floor cleaning. Our systems can be used on baseboards, walls, bleachers, lockers and thousands of other hard surfaces. NexGen Microfiber Tube Mops: These mops last longer and clean better than traditional cot­ton mops. Wash up to 200 times. Super absorbent great for picking large amounts of liquid. Mops rinse easy for which allows extended use before replacement is needed. TB Mop Frame . 19030 NexGen TB Mops & Frame: TB Blue Mop Pad . 19031 TB Red Mop Pad . 19032 TB Green Mop Pad . 19033 Medium Green Microfiber Tube Mops . 19051 Large Blue Microfiber Tube Mops . 19050 72" Blue Microfiber Loop end Dust Mop . 19065 NexGen Microfiber Dust Mops 18" Blue Microfiber Loop end Dust Mop . 19060 24" Blue Microfiber Loop end Dust Mop . 19061 36" Blue Microfiber Loop end Dust Mop . 19062 48" Blue Microfiber Loop end Dust Mop . 19063 60" Blue Microfiber Loop end Dust Mop . 19064

One person's trash is another person's... Our mops not only contain high percentages of postconsumer cotton fibers, but PET plastics as well. We are consistently looking for ways to refine manufacturing processes to both reduce and reuse waste whenever possible. By utilizing a vertically integrated mop process we are able to benefit from the most eco friendly products while main-taining excellent performance and durability. This is our commitment to the preservation of a healthy environment for all. Total Post Consumer Content including per-centage of PET plastics used in our manufac-turing process: Total PCC PET % Content SSS Looped End Wet Mops Super- Sorb White28% 8% Colors19% 4% Industrial Loop White28% 8% Colors47% 12% SSS Looped- End Finish Mops Finish42% 19% SSS Cut- End Finish Mops 4- ply Rayon42% 19% 8- ply Rayon42% 19% SSS Cut- End Wet Mops 4- ply Value Plus Colors47% 12% 4- Ply Cotton93% 19% Value Plus Cotton93% 19% Value Plus Rayon42% 19% SSS Dust Mops Endless Twist Colored48% 0% Special Endless Twist White60% 12% Colors48% 0% Synthetic25% 0% Economy21% 4% Super Disposable21% 4% Old is Made New Again Our cotton wet mops contain post- consumer recycled cotton like this t- shirt. This cotton cut- end mop contains 93% PCC. Triple S Value Plus Cotton Mop. Our dedication to the environment goes far beyond the production of one " green" product. Many of our products contain the highest recycled content of any supplier in the industry. Mops Made from Recycled Material Polyethylene Terephthalate or PET, is used for high- impact resistant containers. Everyday products such as soda and water bottles and many household products create PET waste. According to the Container Recycling Institute, more than 116 billion beverage cans and bottles are landfilled, littered and inciner-ated annually. When we are able to take ordinary PET plastic bottles and turn them into high grade dust control products we make a significant impact on everyday waste. Our Triple S Finish Mops are made with 42% post consumer content, of that, 19% is PET plastic. Although we believe that every little bit counts, we maintain the highest per-centages of recycled contents in our products. Mop?! From Trash to Treasure 14 PCC & PET in Triple S Mops