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Sterling Soft Bathroom Tissue 76135 SSS Sterling Soft Bath Tissue Roll, 1- ply, 1000 sheets, 4.25" x 3.8", 96 cs 76150 SSS Sterling Soft Bath Tissue Roll, 2- ply, 500 sheets, 4.25" x 3.8", 96/ cs 15 Sterling Towel and Tissues are manufactured from 100% recycled materials and meet EPA guidelines: Sterling Select Hardwound Roll Towels 76301 White, 10" x800', Reduced- Core, 8" diameter, 6/ cs, 45 cs/ PLT 76302 Brown, 10" x800', Reduced- Core, 8" diameter, 6/ cs, 45 cs/ PLT Lower Cost In Use . Larger sheet encourages one sheet per dry, resulting in substantial paper savings . Self- threading transfer system al- lows single sheet stub roll dispens- ing to eliminate waste . Two- handed pull encourages fewer sheets per hand dry, reduc- ing overall consumption . Uses economical non- perforated rolls . No batteries- eliminates battery expense Hygienic Performance . Mechanical no touch operation now in wide format for the ulti- mate in user hygiene- you only touch the paper Reduced- Core Technology . Smaller core reduces waste and optimizes supply chain TouchFree 10 ? Wide Roll Towel Dispenser 76304 2- Ply, 3.875" x 375', Reduced Core, 5.1" diameter, 45/ cs, 40 cs/ PLT Sterling Select Embossed Bathroom Tissue 76001 1- ply, White, 2000', 9" D, 12/ cs 76002 2- ply, White, 1000', 9" D, 3.3" core 12/ cs Sterling Soft Jumbo Jr. Roll Tissue 76305 1- Ply, 3.54" x 2000', Reduced Core, 8.1" diameter, 12/ cs, 48 cs/ PLT 76306 2- Ply, 3.54" x 1000', Reduced Core, 8.1" diameter, 12/ cs, 48 cs/ PLT Sterling Select Jumbo Jr. Roll Tissue Item No. 52001 Lower Cost In Use . Rolls are used sequentially to eliminate stub roll waste . Brake on mandrel reduces overuse . One Sterling Select roll = 2 rolls of standard bath tissue Hygienic Performance High Capacity . 2 Sterling Select rolls holds equivalent of 4 rolls of standard 2- ply tissue Reduced- Core Technology . Smaller core reduces packaging waste by 41% . Reduces labor by 50% . No tissue wrapper reduces waste Double Roll Bath Tissue Dispenser Item No. 52003 Lower Cost In Use . Movable door controls access to tissue to encourage com- plete consumption of one roll at a time Hygienic Performance . Completely covered to prevent contamination of paper supply Reduced- Core Technology . Accepts smaller tissue core . Smaller core reduces waste Twin Jumbo Jr. Roll Tissue Dispenser Item No. 52004 Paper Towel & Tissue For Item No. 52001 TouchFree 10" Wide Roll Towel Dispenser For Item No. 52003 Double Roll Bath Tissue Dispenser For Item No. 52004 Twin Jumbo Jr. Roll Tissue Dispenser

Can Liners Futura T Liners are among the toughest in the industry- up to 50% stronger than other bags of the same gauge. The result: better performance at lower cost. These liners are also a smart choice for environmental source reduction: Advanced film technology reduces plastic waste by up to 25% with absolutely no sacrifice in performance. Applications Futura T liners work in a wide variety of applications, including disposal of heavy or sharp objects, and wherever maximum puncture and tear resistance are needed. And because they are manufactured from thin­ner, stronger films for maximum source reduction, Futura liners are an environmentally responsible choice. . Ultra- tough performance, thanks to SuperFlex100% HAO resins. . Maximum strength, for superior puncture and tear resis- tance. . Thinner, stronger films reduce landfill waste up to 25%. . Seamless tubular construction with leak- proof star seal. . Wide range of sizes in White, Clear and Magnum Blue. . Suitable for heavy, irregular waste- in gauges from 0.51 to 2.50 MIL. . Coreless rolls for ease of use and storage. Futura and Terra- Renew Green Can Liners Terra- Renew T Liners meet or exceed EPA guidelines for Post- Consumer Waste Content. They're made from a combination of Post Consumer and Post Industrial materials. And here's more good news: You don't have to sacrifice performance to make an envi­ronmentally sound choice. These liners deliver strength and thickness equal to your toughest applications. Applications Terra- Renew T liners are made from recycled materials, so they're an environmentally better choice. Perfect for cost- conscious users look­ing for a thick bag suited to heavy- duty applications like sharp, heavy or irregular waste. . Made with high- quality blended resins... meets or exceeds EPA Guidelines for Post- Consumer Waste Content. . Super tough - great puncture and tear resistance. . Seamless tubular construction. . Leak- proof star seal. . Designed for extra heavy- duty use - available in 1.00 to 2.00 MIL. in a wide range of sizes. . Available in Black. . Coreless rolls for ease of use and storage. Recycled Packaging Even the cartons are environmentally friendlier. The ink used on the cartons is water based and the cartons are manufactured from 60% recycled content. Your Choice for Source Reduction Your Choice for Recycled Content 16 Futura T Magnum Blue Futura T White Terra- Renew T Black