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Triple S O3 Professional Cleaning System 5 The Triple S O? Professional Cleaning System turns ordinary tap water into the world's most effective chemical free sanitizing and cleaning agent, Liquid Ozone. The O? System creates Liquid Ozone by pass­ing 4,500 volts of electricity through oxygen molecules, transforming them into ozone and then infusing the ozone into water. Liquid Ozone will elminate germs, odors, stains, mold, mildew and many other contaminants on any item or surface, including food. Liquid Ozone is a safe, natural oxidizer and sanitizer. According to FDA Documentation, and the EPA Guidance Manual on Alternative Disinfectants and Oxidants, Liquid Ozone is 52% stronger than chlorine bleach and has been shown to be effective over a much wider spectrum of microorganisms. Whats more, Liquid Ozone is able to achieve disinfection with less contact time and concentration than other disinfectants. While the application of this technology is new to our industry, ozone has been used for over 100 years. The Food and Drug Administration approved ozone for use in bottled water in 1982. In 1997 the FDA des­ignated ozone as a Generally Recognized as Safe ( GRAS) substance. The Booster Extends the Cleaning Power of O? Adding the Booster to the water before charging, can ex­tend the sanitizing power of O? from 15 to 45 minutes, and the cleaning power of O? from 45 to 120 minutes. The Booster stabilizes the ozone by slowing down the natural process of ozone reverting to oxygen. Booster Acetic Booster: O? Booster Packets . 2000/ cs . Product No. 80006 The Filter Cartridge acts as an Air Purifier The Filter Cartridge is the keystone element of the O? sys­tems. It's what allows the O? Charging Station and High Capacity Unit to create Liquid Ozone. Each filter cartridge produces 650 charges. The Filter Cartridge purifies the oxygen in the air, greatly speeding up the process of creating ozone. The O? Charging Station will only operate with a Filter Cartridge. Filter Cartridge Filter Cartridges: O? Filter Cartridges . 24/ cs . Product No. 80002 The O? Spray & Wipe System Cleans and Deodorizes. This system is ideal for all spray and wipe applications, in any environment. Use it on all hard surfaces. O? leaves no chemical residue, eliminating the rinse step! " Green Clean" classroom with confi­dence. Use it on desks, chairs, white boards and win­dows - all without harsh chemicals that can effect the health of students, faculty or staff. The Spray & Wipe Cleaning System is also effective on glass, mirrors and bathroom fixtures. Eliminate germs on faucets, handles and door knobs. Remove mold and mildew from drains and eliminate soap scum buildup. Ozone has a long history as a very effective deodorizer. Spray & Wipe Cleaning System The Spray & Wipe Cleaning System: O? Charging Station & 1 Spray Bottle . Product No. 80001 O? Filter Cartridge . 24/ cs . Product No. 80002 O? Spray Bottles, 650 mL ( 22 oz) . 12/ case . Product No. 80003 * Filter Cartridge and Microfiber Cloth sold separately. O3 Professional Cleaning System It was approved for use with food in 2001 and in 2003 the FDA ap­proved it as a sterilant for processing reusable medical devices. Liquid Ozone reverts back into oxygen and water, leaving no resi­due. O? has many applications including hard surface cleaning, use it on glass, mirrors, and even floors. It can also be used on food contact sur­faces such as counter tops, cutting boards, and prep areas. O? leaves no chemical residue, making it safe for food contact surfaces, and elmi­nating the rinse step! Use O? to Green Clean Classrooms. O? works on desks and chairs, as well as white boards and windows - all without harsh chemicals that can effect the health of students, faculty or staff. O? is also effective on bathroom fixtures. Kill germs on faucets, han­dles, and door knobs. Remove mold and mildew from drains and elimi­nate soap scum build up. Replace 5- 6 chemical cleaners with a single, safer alternative! Start Cleaning Facilities Without Chemicals

6 Preservation of the Environment No Chemical Waste Reduce Consumption of Natural Resources No Air Pollutants Minimal Impact on Carbon Footprint Reduce Packaging Reduce Supply Chain Costs No Impact on Waste Water Treatment Labor Savings Eliminates Rinse Step Liquid ozone reverts back to water and oxygen and leaves no chemical residues No Safety Training Required OSHA ( HMIS - 0,0,0, A) Eliminates 5- 6 Chemical Products Reduce On- site Storage Reduce Trips to Custodial Closet Fill Spray & Wipe and Mop Refill Bottles & Charge as Needed Peace of Mind . EPA Regulated Device . EPA Est. No. 82126- CHN- 001 . FDA Approved Process . NSF Registration ( Pending) . Exceeds Green Seal Environmental Standards for Industrial and Institutional Cleaning ( GS- 37) . Surpasses GS- 37 Section 4.0 Product- Specific Health and Environmental Requirements . Canadian Standards Administration ( CSA) . Tested for Electrical Safety and Ozone Emissions . Confirmed to meet or exceed UL Standards Human Health and Safety No Exposure to Chemicals Exceeds OSHA Hazard Communication Standard HMIS Rating: ( 0,0,0, A) Toxics Use Reduction Institute ( TURI) Safety Rating: 50 No Impact on Indoor Air Quality No Allergens No Toxins High Capacity Cleaning System The High Capacity Unit can be mounted inside custodial closets. Fill your auto scrubbers or carpet extractors and clean large areas easily without having to worry about harsh chemicals or odors. " Green Clean" classrooms and corridors without any potential adverse effects to the health of students, faculty or staff. The High Capacity Station oper­ates with the same filter cartridge as the Spray & Wipe and Floor Cleaning Systems. The High Capacity Cleaning System: High Capacity Unit . Product No. 80005 The High Capactiy Cleaning System for Auto Scrubbers and Carpet Extractors. * Filter Cartridge, Auto Scrubber, & Carpet Extractor sold separately. Floor Cleaning System This system is perfect for cleaning floors in a broad array of facilities. Works on any re­silient floor surface. No chemical residues means no rinsing, which saves time and The O? Floor Cleaning System Cleans and Restores. money. Not to mention the health ben­efits for all building occupants. As well as the environmental advantages - no negative impact on wastewater treatment or indoor air quality. * Filter Cartridge and 3M Easy Scrub Express Mop sold separately. The O? Floor Cleaning System's Mop Refill Bottle uses the same charging station as the Spray The Floor Cleaning System: & Wipe System. Squeezable bottles allow for easy dispens­ing. Each bottle holds 11.5 ounces of Liquid Ozone and cleans about 300 square feet, depending on soil buildup. Mop Refill Bottles ( 11.5 oz) . Product No. 80004 . 12/ case 3M Easy Scrub Express Caddy 3M Easy Scrub Express Mop Tool . 3M Product No. 59051 . 1/ case . 3M Product No. 59054 . 6/ case The Mop Refill Bottle is specifically designed to fit the 3M Easy Scrub Express Mop stick. AVAILABLE Q1 2010 Triple S O3 Professional Cleaning System