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6 Preservation of the Environment No Chemical Waste Reduce Consumption of Natural Resources No Air Pollutants Minimal Impact on Carbon Footprint Reduce Packaging Reduce Supply Chain Costs No Impact on Waste Water Treatment Labor Savings Eliminates Rinse Step Liquid ozone reverts back to water and oxygen and leaves no chemical residues No Safety Training Required OSHA ( HMIS - 0,0,0, A) Eliminates 5- 6 Chemical Products Reduce On- site Storage Reduce Trips to Custodial Closet Fill Spray & Wipe and Mop Refill Bottles & Charge as Needed Peace of Mind . EPA Regulated Device . EPA Est. No. 82126- CHN- 001 . FDA Approved Process . NSF Registration ( Pending) . Exceeds Green Seal Environmental Standards for Industrial and Institutional Cleaning ( GS- 37) . Surpasses GS- 37 Section 4.0 Product- Specific Health and Environmental Requirements . Canadian Standards Administration ( CSA) . Tested for Electrical Safety and Ozone Emissions . Confirmed to meet or exceed UL Standards Human Health and Safety No Exposure to Chemicals Exceeds OSHA Hazard Communication Standard HMIS Rating: ( 0,0,0, A) Toxics Use Reduction Institute ( TURI) Safety Rating: 50 No Impact on Indoor Air Quality No Allergens No Toxins High Capacity Cleaning System The High Capacity Unit can be mounted inside custodial closets. Fill your auto scrubbers or carpet extractors and clean large areas easily without having to worry about harsh chemicals or odors. " Green Clean" classrooms and corridors without any potential adverse effects to the health of students, faculty or staff. The High Capacity Station oper­ates with the same filter cartridge as the Spray & Wipe and Floor Cleaning Systems. The High Capacity Cleaning System: High Capacity Unit . Product No. 80005 The High Capactiy Cleaning System for Auto Scrubbers and Carpet Extractors. * Filter Cartridge, Auto Scrubber, & Carpet Extractor sold separately. Floor Cleaning System This system is perfect for cleaning floors in a broad array of facilities. Works on any re­silient floor surface. No chemical residues means no rinsing, which saves time and The O? Floor Cleaning System Cleans and Restores. money. Not to mention the health ben­efits for all building occupants. As well as the environmental advantages - no negative impact on wastewater treatment or indoor air quality. * Filter Cartridge and 3M Easy Scrub Express Mop sold separately. The O? Floor Cleaning System's Mop Refill Bottle uses the same charging station as the Spray The Floor Cleaning System: & Wipe System. Squeezable bottles allow for easy dispens­ing. Each bottle holds 11.5 ounces of Liquid Ozone and cleans about 300 square feet, depending on soil buildup. Mop Refill Bottles ( 11.5 oz) . Product No. 80004 . 12/ case 3M Easy Scrub Express Caddy 3M Easy Scrub Express Mop Tool . 3M Product No. 59051 . 1/ case . 3M Product No. 59054 . 6/ case The Mop Refill Bottle is specifically designed to fit the 3M Easy Scrub Express Mop stick. AVAILABLE Q1 2010 Triple S O3 Professional Cleaning System

7 Low sudsing cleaner with a neutral pH is formulated for use with auto scrubbers. Excellent for general purpose cleaning and damp mopping. Special water soften­ing formulation traps hard water deposits in solution so floors dry clean and clear of dulling film. Contains no inorganic ingredi­ents. Compass Neutral Floor Cleaner Product No. 13168 2 Liter ( Navigator Refill) 13138 4x1 gallons This simple system requires minimal training time. Color- coded Concentrate / RTU la­bels help prevent incorrect application and potential mis­use of product. Closed system prevents waste of concentrate through inaccurate mixing and helps control associated costs. Compact refill and dispensing unit requires less storage space and can reduce storage costs. High RTU yields results in dollar savings. System Navigator Dilution Control The following Triple S Cleaning Products have been approved by Green Seal and qualify for LEED Credits EarthCare ® Cleaning Products User and environmentally friendly water- based cleaner degreaser. Dissolves and emulsifies all types of soil. Penetrates and easily removes grease, oil, ink, coffee and other tough problem soils from any washable surface safely. Atlas Multi- Purpose Cleaner Degreaser Product No. 13167 2 Liter ( Navigator Refill) 13135 4x1 gallons Removes grease in kitchens around stoves, ovens and vent hoods. Used on floors, walls and other hard surfaces. Degreases shop tools, equipment and machinery. Also ef­fective against industrial grease, oil, animal fats, permanent marker and ink. Summit Heavy Duty Cleaner Product No. 13170 2 Liter ( Navigator Refill) 13144 4x1 gallons Removes soap scum, water scale, urine de­posits, lime, suntan and body lotions and other tough soils. Also removes unpleas­ant odors caused by urine and mildew from porous surfaces like floors and walls. Ideal for use in restrooms, locker rooms and shower areas. Fresh Start Washroom Tub & Tile Cleaner Product No. 13171 2 Liter ( Navigator Refill) 13147 4x1 gallons Removes smudges and greasy finger­prints. For use on glass, Plexiglas, chrome, plastic and other surfaces. This heavy duty glass cleaner is ideal for use in restaurants, cafeterias, institutional kitchens and indus­trial facilities. Infinity Glass Cleaner Product No. 13169 2 Liter ( Navigator Refill) 13141 4x1 gallons Dispenser Low Flow 13172 Dispenser High Flow 13173 Dispenser Connector Kit 13182