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EcoLogo Certified Floor Care Products 8 Legacy is an environmentally preferable metal free floor seal and finish formulated with the most advanced polymer technology. Legacy meets today's need for a finish that contains no zinc or other heavy metals that can be harmful to wastewater treatment systems. This low odor fin­ish has exceptional durability and can be main­tained with scrub and recoat procedures, spray buffing or high speed burnishing. Legacy Metal- Free Floor Finish Item No. 48052 4x1 gal 48053 1x5 gal Take Down is a very low odor, non- toxic, non corrosive, non- butyl floor seal and finish remov­er. Specially designed to remove metal free floor finishes as well as conventional floor finishes, this fast- acting stripper dissolves multiple coats of finish without harsh alkalis, butyl cellosolve, or strong ammonia odors. No neutralizing needed. Controlled foam and free- rinsing characteristics assure that no residue is left behind to interfere with subsequent finish applications. Take Down Low Odor Floor Stripper Item No. 48054 4x1 gal 48055 1x5 gal Floor Care All of the EarthCare ® RTU Cleaners are packed in 12x1 qt. size Take the Guess Work Out of Green Cleaning with our Ready- to- Use Spray Cleaners! Triple S introduces EarthCare ® Ready- To- Use Green Cleaners, the most extensive ready- to- use line of green cleaning chemicals in the industry. We have taken our premier green cleaning line, EarthCare ® , and created the next generation of ready- to- use cleaners. Green Cleaning is becom­ing more and more prevalent in today's cleaning environment and most green cleaners today are concentrates that the user must dilute. We have taken the guesswork out of green cleaning by offering a ready to use version of our GS- 37 Green Seal Certified Cleaners. Just grab a bottle, spray and wipe! . Ready- To- Use and 100% Biodegradable . Easiest Way to Get Started with Green Cleaning . Produced from Green Seal Certified Concentrates 48061 Hyper Speed RTU Peroxide Powered Cleaner / Degreaser 48062 Sunray RTU Non- Ammoniated Glass Cleaner 48063 Green Wave RTU Organic Acid Restroom Cleaner 48064 Maverick RTU Super- Duty Degreaser

Triple S Foam Soap Dispens­ing Systems are available in different sizes, styles and colors. Sanitary- sealed col­lapsible- refill keeps germs out. Each refill comes with a new dispensing valve - no clogging, consistent accu­rate dispensing. SSS New Day Foam Fresh Soap is fragrance- free and dye- free and is Green Seal Certified ( GS- 41). SSS FoamClean Lotion Skin Cleanser has a pleasant, tropical fragrance, is ruby pink in color and is also Green Seal Certified ( GS- 41). The Merlin T AutoSoap Lotion Soap is a gen­tle soap for everyday use that produces a rich lather and has a rich, fruity scent. It's avail­able in two different sizes, 800 mL, delivering 1,000 hand washes and 1600 mL, which delivers 2,000 hand washes; both are Green Seal Certified ( GS- 41). 9 SSS Foam Fresh Counter Mount System 1500 mL 34019 Foam Fresh Counter Mount New Day Hand Soap, 1500 mL, 2/ cs 34010 Foam Fresh Counter Mount Manual Dispenser, Chrome, 1/ cs 34017 Foam Fresh Counter Mount Touch- Free Dispenser, Chrome, 1/ cs of Triple S Foam and Lotion Soaps. Foam Fresh System 1250 mL 34091 Foam Fresh New Day Hand Soap, 1250 mL, 3/ cs 34088 Foam Fresh Dispenser, Gray, 6/ cs 34089 Foam Fresh Dispenser, Black, 6/ cs You'll Love the Luxurious Lather SSS FoamClean System 44222 FoamClean Lotion Skin Cleanser, 950 mL Pump Bottle, 8/ cs SSS FoamClean Wall Mount System 1000 mL 44098 FoamClean Lotion Skin Cleanser, 1000 mL, 6/ cs 44099 FoamClean Dispenser, Dove Gray, 6/ cs 44119 FoamClean Dispenser, Black, 6/ cs SSS Merlin T AutoSoap Lotion Soap Refills 74241 Merlin T AutoSoap Lotion Soap, 800 mL, 4/ cs 74262 Merlin T AutoSoap Lotion Soap, 1600 mL, 4/ cs 74392 Merlin T AutoSoap Low Profile Dispenser, 4/ cs 74240 Merlin T AutoSoap Dispenser, 4/ cs Foam Fresh TouchFree System 1200 mL 34018 Foam Fresh TouchFree New Day Hand Soap, 1200 mL, 2/ cs 34007 Foam Fresh TouchFree* Dispenser, Gray, 12/ cs 34008 Foam Fresh TouchFree* Dispenser, Black, 12/ cs * Requires 3 C batteries XLERATOR is the first hand dryer to achieve GreenSpec approval because it meets a number of GreenSpec standards; conserves energy, has low maintenance re­quirements and reduces waste. XLERATOR also helps your facility qualify for LEED ( Leadership in En­ergy and Environmental Design) Credits, under EA Credit 1 ( optimize energy performance) and EA Prerequisite 2 ( minimum energy perfor­mance). EA Credit 1 is now a mandatory credit for any LEED certified facility. Earn LEED Credits with XLERATOR Hand Dryers 5 Different Styles, with 4 Different Electrical Specs. Each unit weighs 17 lbs. and is packed 1/ ea. All Models are Surface- Mounted! White Epoxy Item No. SSS- XL- W- 110 . 110/ 120V, 12.5 amp 27031 SSS- XL- W- 208 . 208V, 7.0 amp 27038 SSS- XL- W- 220 . 220/ 240V, 6.5 amp 27034 SSS- XL- W- 277 . 277V, 5.5 amp 27039 Graphite Textured Item No. SSS- XL- GR- 110 . 110/ 120V, 12.5 amp 27040 SSS- XL- GR- 208 . 208V, 7.0 amp 27041 SSS- XL- GR- 220 . 220/ 240V, 6.5 amp 27042 SSS- XL- GR- 277 . 277V, 5.5 amp 27043 Chrome Plated Item No. SSS- XL- C- 110 . 110/ 120V, 12.5 amp 27032 SSS- XL- C- 208 . 208V, 7.0 amp 27044 SSS- XL- C- 220 . 220/ 240V, 6.5 amp 27035 SSS- XL- C- 277 . 277V, 5.5 amp 27045 White Thermoset Item No. SSS- XL- BW- 110 . 110/ 120V, 12.5 amp 27064 SSS- XL- BW- 208 . 208V, 7.0 amp 27065 SSS- XL- BW- 220 . 220/ 240V, 6.5 amp 27066 SSS- XL- BW- 277 . 277V, 5.5 amp 27067 Brushed Stainless Steel Item No. SSS- XL- SB- 110 . 110/ 120V, 12.5 amp 27068 SSS- XL- SB- 208 . 208V, 7.0 amp 27069 SSS- XL- SB- 220 . 220/ 240V, 6.5 amp 27070 SSS- XL- SB- 277 . 277V, 5.5 amp 27071 Hand Soaps & Hand Dryers