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UKCARP MAGAZINE 13 SEPTEMBER 6TH 2011WEIGHTED BOILIESrod for some stalking and returned to catch one of these feeding fish.Carefully I lowered a pop-up on to the area, followed by a handful of chopped boilies. A couple of carp came in and began feeding and, as I sat there watching, a nice sized mirror came in and took the hookbait into its mouth, only to instantly spit it out.Time for a rethink - I redid the rig with a bottom bait and got back on the spot with no fuss. That same carp came back and was soon feeding confidently once more, but I was left deflated when it picked up my hookbait three further times and rejected it. I had some Vortex boilie paste with me so I decided to have a play around. Rooting about in my tackle box I found some non-toxic SSG split shot. I then got some of the paste, moulded it around an SSG shot and boiled it for two minutes in a saucepan to give me a hardened bait. I wanted to get the bait to drop down into the carp's mouth as it picked it up, causing the hook to turn. Dragging the rig across my hand confirmed that the hook turned over very fast. In order to attach the bait to the hair I used a small drill to get through the bait and the split shot hidden within, but I have since made some changes to this arrangement. The safest way to attach the bait with the split shot inside is to drill the shot first, put some thick mono through the drilled hole, then add the paste around the shot. Once the bait has been boiled, remove the mono and attach the bait to your hair through the hole where the mono was. Try and make the loop on the hair as small as possible - this will stop the bait coming off so there isn't the slightest chance of the fish swallowing the shot by accident. Walking back to the area where "I really chuckled to myself as one fish approached the hookbait, went down and picked it up. It was as if it had had an electric shock: all its fins stood out and then it bolted off"GETTING HEAVYCarefull drill through a non-toxic SSG split shot.1Mould boilie paste around the shot and heavy line.3Pass a length of 20lb mono through the resulting hole.2After the required boiling period, retrieve the bait.4HOW TO MAKE A HEAVY HOOKBAITCommon number one'hanged' itself.

UKcarp magazine 14 september 6th 2011