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"We know carp get used to our rigs, so to stay one step ahead we need to try something really off the wall"UKCARP MAGAZINE 15 SEPTEMBER 6TH 2011WEIGHTED BOILIESWithdraw the 20lb nylon from the boilie, taking care not to crumble it.1Insert a gated baiting needle through the hole in bait and shot.2Thread the boilie on to a short hair coming off the back of the hook bend.3MOUNTING THE HEAVY HOOKBAITthe carp were still feeding, I waited until they drifted off a bit then got the rig back in the water and scattered a few more freebies around the area and sat back to watch. It wasn't long before a couple of carp came back to the area and started to feed. I really chuckled to myself as one fish approached the hookbait, went down and picked it up. It was as if it had had an electric shock: all its fins stood out and then it just bolted off, and a short while later it was lying safely in the net. Since that day I've used this rig loads and have caught fish from waters like Elstow and Wellington Country Park. Even my 62lb personal best from Rainbow, in France, was fooled by my heavy hookbaits. I don't think this is the ultimate rig, but it is certainly different. We know that carp get used to our rigs, so to stay one step ahead we need to try something really off the wall. When we did the pictures for this feature and I was showing how to make some heavy Vortex hookbaits, to match my free offerings, I caught two small commons in a couple of hours, both of them falling to my hand-made creations. No great result, I hear you say, but editor Steve Broad was in the next swim and blanked on standard presentations. I did offer him one of my specials, but his reply was unprintable. Here are my thoughts Two commons in two hours proved that my heavy hookbaits worked.