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UKCARP MAGAZINE 17 SEPTEMBER 6TH 2011WEIGHTED BOILIESas to why they work, and how to get the best from these unique baits. 1. Carp, when moving around in the swim, displace a lot of water which can and does cause a standard bottom bait or pop-up to move around quite a lot.With the heavy hookbait rig I believe this movement is reduced drastically, increasing your chances of the carp picking your hookbait up.2. Feeding carp are used to picking up all types of detritus and if you are able to watch them at very close range you will observe that the lighter material that they have picked up flies out of their mouths when sifting through food items, followed by small stones and pebbles, which seem to just drop from their mouths.3. The extra weight of the heavy hookbait causes the carp serious problems because as soon as it picks up the bait it is dropping inwards and downwards to its bottom lip, causing the hook to instantly turn over and take. The carp has no chance of ejecting the bait before it is hooked.4. The carp we love and enjoy catching have learned after years of constant angling pressure how to deal with certain rigs and hookbait tactics. The heavy hookbait approach is something new to them and they haven't yet learned how to eject it safely. 5. I have played around with the length of the hair and come to the conclusion that a heavy hookbait is best used with a very short hair coming off round the back of the bend of the hook, which I feel speeds up the turning of the hook. Pull the rig across your hand in any direction and you will see what I mean.Go on, give it a go, you may be quite surprised at the results. Far left: Shrink tube on this rig variant kicks the hook over.Left: Boilie gone, but there is no chance of a carp ingesting the SSG shot.This common had no clue as to how to deal with my heavy hookbaits."The heavy hookbait approach is something new to them and they haven't yet learned how to eject it safely"