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UKCARP MAGAZINE 18 SEPTEMBER 6TH 2011ADDED ATTRACTIONWe reveal how a PVA bag and chod rig combination can get you that all-important extra bite when all else failsA BIT ON THE SIDEAs a tactic, positioning a hookbait on the edge or just off a baited area is recognised as a great fish catcher, and loads of people use it.I've had plenty of decent fish on these lone hookbaits that seem to be irresistible to carp. If you watch fish feeding, one of their most common traits is to browse over the baited spot feeding gently then, after several minutes, leave the area for a while before returning. It's at this point that a carefully positioned single can grab their attention and they will just drop down and pick it up.I don't know whether it's a greed thing, and they believe they've missed a bit, or simply that they can't help themselves.I remember fishing with Frank Warwick, doing a feature on the Method. He has a very distinctive style and was hurling out massive Method balls but, interestingly, he used them in conjunction with a long hooklink. The effect was very much like a single just off a baited area; once the ball broke down you got a tight circle of bait with a lone hookbait several inches away.Frank's theory was that fish always work inwards from the outside of a baited area, and they always pick "I wanted to keep the presentation of the choddie but give the rig extra pulling power by adding a PVA bag"The finished bag-cum-chod rig.

UKCARP MAGAZINE 19 SEPTEMBER 6TH 2011around the edges, so that would be the best place for your hookbait.This all came to mind when I was at my local lake blanking like a good 'un. I was fishing an area of shallow weedy water with a couple of chod rigs, and fish were about but not showing any interest.It was then I decided I'd try something a bit different. I wanted to keep the presentation of the choddie but give the rig some extra pulling power and attraction by adding a solid PVA bag. Potentially it could work just like Frank's Method tactic, with me ending up with a hookbait just off the edge of my mini baited area.I quickly knocked up a bag mix out of some small pellets, ground halibut pellet and a tin of sardines in spicy Peri Peri sauce. This mix has loads of attraction and binds well to create a tight bag that casts well.It was easy to drop the small lead on the end of my leader inside a half-filled bag, then top it up and tie it off. The tennis ball-sized bag cast like an arrow and thumped its way down through the weed, and my hookbait sank slowly to several inches away on top of the weed covering. Once the bag melted I'd got a tight patch of bait giving off a mass of attraction, and the first thing an approaching fish would see was my very visible and well presented hookbait.A couple of hours later a small slick flattened the surface over my bait, leading me to think that something had disturbed it, and seconds later I was away.I don't know whether the carp had picked the bait up as it approached or after it had fed on the contents of the bag, especially as the slick would indicate the latter. I soon had a big double lying on the mat. Thankfully it didn't stop there and I had several more fish on my weird PVA bag chod rig arrangement.Since that trip I have used it a couple of times on other waters and have had positive results. I even adapted it slightly when I fished a busy commercial that hadn't got a strand of weed. So instead of using a standard pop-up presentation, I tied a short hooklink using 10lb mono and mounted a bottom bait on the hair. This worked an absolute treat and I took several singles and a couple of doubles during my trip.So give this little trick a try and see if the fish in your lake will slip up on this simple but very effective tactic that can be used in a whole host of situations. Part fill bag with some mix and put the lead in the middle for stability.1Top up the bag with bait, then twist it to tighten and make it compact. 2Tie off top with PVA tape and trim, before sticking in corners of bag.3FILLING THE PVA BAG"Instead of using a standard pop-up presentation, I tied a short hooklink using 10lb mono and mounted a bottom bait on the hair"Bag mix - small pellets, halibut powder and sardines.Overflowing with plenty of attraction, and it compacts really well.