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UP FRONTThe liveliest news and views for all carpersGET ONLINE MAGAZINE 3 SEPTEMBER 6TH 2011EDITOR'S COMMENTEditorialTel: 01733 468000Write to: UKCarp, Bauer Media, Media House, Lynchwood, Peterborough Business Park, Peterborough PE2 6EA.Editor: Steve BroadProduction editor: Nick FletcherHead of photography: Mick RouseContributors: James Armstrong, Gary Bayes, Terry Edmunds, Billy Flowers, James Furness, Jamie Londors, Iain Macmillan, Matt Ridley, Ian Stott, Rich WilbyEditorial assistant: Mary-Ann PayneTel: 01733 395105Managing director: Steve PrenticeEditor in chief: Richard LeePublished by Bauer Media.Printed by Wyndham Heron.AdvertisingCommercial director: Donna Harris - Tel: 01733 395028Key account director: Ben Ferguson - Tel: 01733 395032Telesales manager: Kath Rayner - Tel: 01733 395032Display sales executive: Trish Harrison - Tel: 01733 468053CONTACTSSpeculation is rife after Angling Times broke the news that a 56lb record-breaking uncaught grass carp had been discovered dead. The fish, 10lb heavier than the current record of 44lb 8oz taken from Horton Church Lake in Berkshire, was discovered at a secret venue after an algal bloom affected oxygen levels. UKCarp and Angling Times contributor Martin Bowler has access to the water, and both he and the anonymous owner are adamant that this is one of a pair of monster grassies. "When it was discovered by the owner it was without doubt the same weight as it was alive. It had taken on no water, nor was it bloated, which sometimes happens when big fish die," revealed Martin. David Rowe, of the British Record Fish Committee, confirmed that if the fish had been caught it would have been a new record and said: "Big grass carp are elusive and seldom caught, and it's always a shame when specimen fish like this die." Since the AT story the internet has been alive with stories of private and limited access waters that contain monster carp, and many anglers are looking at a number of venues in the hope of discovering the home of the next British record.MONSTER QUESTShaun Harrison, boss of Quest Baits, has just banked this 40lb 2oz mirror from the 72-acre Grenville Lake in Cambridgeshire - a new forty for the venue. Regular contributor Shaun had a gut feeling that the wet weather would bring the fish on the feed, so he sneaked off early from work. This decision paid dividends when, after baiting with a mixture of his own boilies, he hooked the forty when he would normally have been driving to the lake, and he went on to bank fish of 33lb 12oz and 22lb, along with two doubles. All fell to his ever-faithful combi rigs during his weekend session.GUT FEELING FOR A 40The Angling Times story about the record grassie has really got the carp fishing world fired up. I think it's fantastic that the dream of an unknown mythical monster is alive and kicking. When I first started carping I believed that every water I was fishing held a monster. Then, unfortunately, experience and knowledge kicked in and I started chasing known big fish, while the dreams of my youth slowly drifted away. Thanks AT, this story really has put a little bit of magic back into the world and breathed life into the quest for uncaught giants. Moving on to this issue, it's packed with fascinating stuff all aimed at helping you to catch more. Matt Ridley is at large on the canal, Ian Stott has come up with a great alternative hookbait, Rich Wilby reveals his pellet secrets, and the Korda boys show you how to fish effectively with one rod. Finally, I attended the Fish with the Stars event at Richworth Linear Fisheries. It raised over £13,000 for the MND Association Charity, and I'd like to thank all the high profile guys who gave up their time to make the event a success - nice one lads, and well done! BroadyThe massive bulk of the dead 56lb grassie.