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UKCARP MAGAZINE 32 SEPTEMBER 6TH 2011ECONOMY FISHINGA recent 34lb 8oz common taken over spod mix introduced via the Mini Skyliner. One rod was all I needed on this session. can be cast accurately up to 100yds too, and there's no need for shockleaders or heavy line - 12lb mono straight through is more than enough. Once you have deposited some spod mix you can get your rig into position. Simply remove the spod by taking the loop back through itself, and then lasso your leader on once again. This time it should be complete with your rig and hookbait. As before, flick your lead towards your far-bank marker, sweep the rod back and cushion the cast against the line clip. Don't let it crash through the surface and bang against the clip because it will send the rig off course. It should be smooth and all in one motion.Feel the rig down on a tight line and eventually it will touch down. Once again, you will feel it 'donk' on to the spot. I cannot stress how important it is to master this technique. It eradicates the need for a marker float, which can actually spook fish, and it gives you a real skill when disturbance needs to be minimal. Through experience you will also be able to gauge the depth of the water. The longer it takes for the lead to touch down, the deeper it is.and vice-versa.This a cracking method and should you feel the need to introduce more bait, just un-lasso the rig and thread the spod back on. It couldn't be easier.On a recent session I used the Mini Skyliner to useful effect. The carp were in a small bay in numbers. There was a little gravel spot at around 40yds range and I could see it glowing in the sunlight. I flicked a light lead on to the spot, without a hooklength, and felt it crack down. The tips sprang back and I placed the line under the clip. This was then marked with electrical tape.The spot was surrounded by thick Canadian pondweed, so an inch to the left or right would have definitely impeded my presentation. Having spodded out 10 or so loads of hemp, sea snails and chopped boilies, I attached a rig and sent it sailing on to the mark. The hookbait was a bottom bait, tipped with half a crab pop-up. This was slid on to a fluorocarbon hooklink. I didn't have any action during the day so I introduced another five spodfuls before dark. Some time during the early hours the rod ripped into life and after a powerful fight I slipped the net under a wonderful 34lb 8oz mirror. I was over the moon, and it showed that you don't need loads of rods to catch carp! After spodding, loop the baited rig on to your mainline ready to cast."Through experience you will be able to gauge the depth of the water. The longer it takes for the lead to touch down, the deeper it is.and vice-versa"