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"It wasn't long before the rod was shaking in the rests and a better fish was hooked - a 13lb common"and mounted it on a long hair plastic corn rig completed with a size 6 barbless hook. It looked really clumsy as I swung it the 20m to the centre of the arm I was fishing.Judging from the number of liners and short pulls we were getting there were plenty of carp interested, but none were willing or able to pick it up. It wasn't long before the rod was shaking in the rests and a better fish was hooked, and it was a couple of short minutes before a 13lb common popped up, a good fish for this water. Plenty of food for thought here. Had the size and texture of this bait been selective? I know one thing, I'll be experimenting with these boilie alternatives that will beat any bait bans, and hopefully catch some decent fish into the bargain. A quality mirror with a taste for spicy Spanish sausage.Bigger and Better... a chair that does it all.. Strong, spacious and robust. Legs extendable up to 22" (55cm). Fully padded head rest and optional armsthe acclaiMed original Best-seller.. Comfortable, versatile and lightweight. Legs extendable up to 17" (43cm). Ideal for anglers on the move robo 4-arm chairwww.specimen30plus.comoriginalrobo chair

Warning! this info will make you a better carp anglerNASH KNOWLEDGEkThis month's star question was posed by Tim Raine, from Manchester - who will be receiving some carp goodies in the post. He wins a superb Nash TT rig pack containing loads of terminal tackle worth over £50. You get everything - Critical Balancing Kit and Foam, Twister hooks, Braid Razors, Mutant Corn, Ultimate Marker, Maggimesh PVA, No Spook Tube, Fang Uni, Pest Off Bait Locks, Safety Bolt Beads and Tail Rubbers, and Run Links.If you want the Nash Team to solve your problem, and to stand a chance of winning this great prize, send your question to: Nash Knowledge, UKCarp, Bauer Media, Lynchwood, Peterborough PE2 6EA.QUESTION OF THE MONTH PRIZE PACKUKCARP MAGAZINE 36 SEPTEMBER 6TH 2011PRIZEWINNERHOW TO FIND ANALL-ROUND HOOK Q I'm confused by all the different types of hook. Is there a basic all-round pattern? Tim Raine, ManchesterA You can use just one hook at all times, but using the right pattern or shape to exactly match the rig, fishing situation or lakebed will turn more bites into fish on the bank. I also think it's important to use the sharpest, strongest hooks available. I use Nash TT hooks, and there are four types to choose from.The Fang Twister has a straight medium length shank, a straight needle-sharp point and an aggressive downturned eye which makes it perfect for bottom baits. As soon as the hook is sucked in it turns, takes hold and really digs in.The Fang X again has a straight point but the shank is slightly curved. This pattern, too, turns brilliantly with bottom baits but the curved shank means it's also perfect for pop-ups, zigs or any off the bottom presentations. Used with a pop-up, the hook sits at a really aggressive angle and when a fish sucks it in, it's nailed.The Fang Uni has a slightly inturned point so if you are fishing on gravel or near stones or in thick weed there's less chance of the ultra sharp point being damaged. An inturned point also tends to stay in well during the fight. On the flip side, some anglers think that a beaked point may have less of a chance of taking hold in the first place. The Fang Gaper has a really wide gape and ultra-short shank. It's another really good pop-up hook which many anglers also rate for chods, bottom baits or pop-ups. If you are struggling to hook fish, sticking with the same rig but changing to the Gaper will usually nail them. If you still want to stick to just the one pattern, try Fang X for pop-ups and bottom baits.Billy Flowers says.Choice of hook is paramount.The Uni - a beaked point is less likely to be damaged by gravel or weed. The Gaper is ideal for pop-ups and chod rigs.