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ASK A QUESTION AND WIN A PRIZE Nash Knowledge, UKCarp, Bauer Media, Lynchwood, Peterborough PE2 6EA.BRAID IS JUST ONE OF YOUR OPTIONSQ My water is very weedy, and the bailiff said I need to use braided mainline to avoid losing fish. Is this true? Gary Holt, PeterboroughA I don't think you have to use braid, although the Nash Bullet Braid that I have occasionally used in such conditions is bomb-proof and well suited to weed fishing. Braid or mono, you need to ensure your line is up to the job. By this I mean it needs to have excellent knot strength and high abrasion-resistance. That way, if you need to put pressure on the fish or there's a chance the line might come into contact with underwater obstacles, you can be confident of landing your carp. You also need to make sure that your rods are up to the job and that your rigs and other end tackle components are suitable and strong enough too.Ditching the lead will also give you an advantage in weed - you'll find that the fish comes to the surface more quickly, which makes it easier to play and land. So I recommend that you take a look at Nash TT Weed Safe Bolt Beads. Q I've just brought a 13ft 3.5lb tc rod and big pit reel to help me cast further, but I can cast just as far with my old, lighter set-up. Why? Carl Fraser, SloughA This is a very common situation which I often have to address on my casting tutorials. A lot of anglers believe that if they buy a more powerful rod and big pit reel they will automatically cast further, but unfortunately it isn't that simple.The tackle you have bought has the potential to go a very long way - most 3.5lb tc rods and big pit reels will cruise into the 150 yards-plus bracket but you will still need the skills to get the best from yours.If you are not compressing the more powerful rod sufficiently and the lead speed is not fast enough then you will not see an increase in distance - in fact it may even hinder you and your distance will drop. The secret to casting a long way is technique, and once this has been attained you will gain the full benefit from your new set-up.The good news is that a 13ft rod is a good choice, as it promotes wide arcs and fast lead speed when combined with a big pit reel, which helps reduce friction by keeping line levels on the spool high during long casts. So you have the tools to progress to big chucks.I would suggest if you are serious about wanting to cast further that you book a lesson with someone such as myself. Alternatively, pick up the latest Nash Tackle DVD which is available free from most good tackle shops. I have done a little bit in the DVD on casting technique and that should set you in the right direction. Believe me, with the correct technique anybody can hit very respectable distances, and your powerful rods will suddenly feel very useable and easy to load. I can be contacted at if you require further help.Jamie Londors says.HOW TO GO THE EXTRA DISTANCEA great fish on Bullet Braid.Nash Tackle's casting specialist in action.Terry Edmonds says.High knot strength and abrasion-resistance: vital in weed. UKCARP MAGAZINE 37 SEPTEMBER 6TH 2011

NASH KNOWLEDGEUKCARP MAGAZINE 38 SEPTEMBER 6TH 2011ASK A QUESTION AND WIN A PRIZE Nash Knowledge, UKCarp, Bauer Media, Lynchwood, Peterborough PE2 6EA.PRODUCT MONTHOF THEQ When should I use a running lead rather than a lead clip? To be honest I don't really understand the difference.Stephen Watts, FolkestoneA Most anglers I see these days use lead clip set-ups or semi-fixed lead rigs rather than running leads. I think lead clips have just become a trend and many people use them because they're convenient and they are is what they've seen on DVDs or in magazines. Don't get me wrong, I use lead clips too, but they are not always best and you're right to consider running lead set-ups.A running lead should offer Q Why do anglers add salt and chilli to their bait? Graham Nedham, WelshpoolA Salt and chilli is just another angle, no better or worse than, say, Scopex No 1 flavour. Just like any good flavour it can be abused, and really high levels can put the fish off. It depends on what anglers have been doing with it previously, and it might also take a while to get going if the water is a 'virgin' salt and chilli venue.Even if it works well at the start, later in the season catches can slow down, especially if you overload it. Our Squid base mixes have always had salt in them but only at 1.5-2 grams per kilo, as a taste stimulant. At such low levels it was proved to make a difference to the bait and has worked for more than 20 years. Chilli, curry and hot spices are similar to salt and need using in moderation. I recently made some bait up for someone who wanted a lot of chilli and they didn't do very well with it except as single hookbaits. If you change venues a lot then by all means bump the levels up, but if you are fishing full seasons on a water go easy on the chilli!no resistance - everything must be able to slide on the mainline. A lead clip is basically a modern bolt-rig. A good lead-clip set up properly, like the Weed Safety Bolt Bead from Nash, will also dump the lead if it gets caught, which is a big help on weedy venues.I have found running leads very good on heavily pressured venues and also excellent in the colder months when the fish are feeding and moving very slowly. A simple running rig, set up correctly, can offer excellent sensitivity and help you convert more pick-ups into hooked fish. Too many anglers think that carp suck in a boilie, swim off and get hooked by the lead. But study carp feeding around rigs in the edge and you will know that they can suck and blow a bait out in a flash, whether the lead is semi-fixed or not. I believe a decent hooking arrangement, like my simple claw-rig, is what pricks the fish and sets the hook. I've caught enough carp freelining and floatfishing to understand a semi-fixed lead is not essential, and sometimes I believe the extra movement a running lead offers will fool wary fish.GO EASY ON SALT AND CHILLI LEVELSNASH TITAN BROLLY RRP £355.99This is the brolly version of the world-famous Titan bivvy. It is without doubt the strongest brolly ever. It boasts a super-strong pre-formed aluminium frame that opens from a unique swivel block system for speedy erection. It also has a built-in mozzie screen that can be neatly hidden away when not in use, and its footprint is large enough for the longest bedchairs. If you want the ultimate brolly look no further than the Titan.CLIP UP OR LEAVELEADS RUNNING?For pressured carp or cautious feeders, try this Nash TT Run Bead. Weed Safe Clip: gives an effective bolt effect.Spicy or salty additives can give you an edge. Rich WIlby says.Gary Bayes says.