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UKCARP MAGAZINE 40 SEPTEMBER 6TH 2011READER OFFERAUTUMN DEALSCheck out the new Fusion range of chairs, and don't miss the other online at OFFER PRICE ?£69.99CK Fusion Super 6 Deluxe BedchairRRP £129.99 Offer £69.991 The flagship bedchair from the new Fusion range, this Super 6 Deluxe has all the attributes of a top-level bed, but at a sensible price.It boasts a padded, 2ft 6ins wide frame with full 6ft length so is ideal for all bivvies and quick-erect brolly shelters. The foam-filled deluxe mattress means it's ideal for long stays!The Deluxe features six legs with mudfeet, and each leg can be extended so you'll always be able to set the bedchair up on the level.It can be set with the whole bed flat, or the head section raised. There are other nice touches with this bed including reinforced mattress sections at the key wear areas, plus a zip out pillow, and strong closure clips.5 This new 6ft long, six-leg bedchair at a bargain price of £40 has been designed for the growing trend of anglers using smaller, quick-erect day shelters and is a perfect 28ins wide so it will fit under the canopy easily.It features a tough, padded mattress cover with a wipe-clean boot area and integral pillow.Six legs with mudfeet give extra stability over the more common four-leg beds and the extending legs mean you can get the bed level.Weighing under 15lb, and folding flat, the Super 6 Bedchair is easily stored and transported, and can be erected in seconds.? OFFER PRICE ?£40CK Fusion Carp Mover ArmchairRRP £119.99 Offer £604 If you've ever struggled to carry a chair and all your tackle to your swim, and don't like using bulky barrows, then this new chair could be the answer.The Fusion Carp Mover Chair combines a chair with a trolley-like wheelkit and handle. The chair is fully padded with a new foam inner section and fleece-lined cover. There are built-in armrests and the back can be reclined. Its legs are extendable and feature mudfeet.Also supplied with the chair is a wheelkit unit that clips on to the chair's frame and can be left on while fishing.? OFFER PRICE ?£60? OFFER PRICE ?£40? OFFER PRICE ?£50CK Fusion Deluxe Session ChairRRP £79.99 Offer £402 The new Fusion Deluxe Session Chair is designed for day-ticket anglers who want the ultimate in comfort, but at a sensible price.Featuring a new-style foam padding section on the seat and back areas, plus fleece material on the head and shoulders and a hard-wearing cover, this chair has been designed with bankside comfort in mind.It's lightweight too, and has four extending mudfeet legs that lock in place so you can set up on any bankside terrain and vary the height of the chair for ease of getting in and out.CK Fusion Deluxe ReclinerRRP £99.99 Offer £503 With a snug fleece cover, padding, arm rests and adjustable back and leg system this could be the most comfortable carp chair you'll own!The Deluxe Recliner is a solidly built, yet lightweight. The cover features a fleece lining on the top and 'shoulders' of the chair back with a padded inner section. You can recline it from the upright to lounging back.CK Fusion Super 6 BedchairRRP £79.99 Offer £40