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WWW.CCMOORE.COMPressured carp can be very wary at this time of year and it can take a rather different approach to get the best results.One of Sam Bascombe's edges on the notoriously difficult CEMEX Angling's Roach Pit is to keep his rods out of the water during the day to let the fish gain confidence feeding on his spots.Using this tactic, the Dorset plasterer landed two target fish in the space of an hour, mirrors of 42lb 8oz and 39lb 12oz.In a session a week earlier Sam had located a nice deep silt spot amid a patch of thick weed at 50yds range, and after baiting with 6kg of CC Moore Odyssey XXX boilies and Betaine Ultramix pellets he banked two mid-twenties. Before leaving, he topped up with another 2kg of boilies. "You often wonder if this is beneficial or not. But there is no doubt that if you have a bait the fish want then you will be doing yourself a massive favour," he explained. "Before I knew it I was back at the pit. Arriving on the Sunday at 5am I was lucky enough to drop back into the swim I had baited the week before and decided to spod out the same mix of bait. I planned to leave the swim for the day and had the rods sorted and clipped up with fresh pop-ups tied on by 5pm. I then decided to wait for the wind to die down before casting out, and it was actually about 6.30pm when I got the first rod out. "Unbelievably, I was just preparing to cast the second rig when the first rod was away. After a great scrap I netted the Grey One at 35lb 10oz."Another twenty graced his net in the morning and he then put out another 6kg of bait and rested the swim again until the evening. He received a third take the following morning. "My mate helped with the netting and we were soon looking down at a real gem. the highly sought-after Big Lin at 42lb 8oz, one of the best looking carp in the country. "I'd only just put the kettle on when the other rod on the spot tore off. This fish dumped me in the weed bed straight away, but by keeping the pressure on I soon had it moving towards me - fish, weed and all. When I finally got it in the net my mate started tearing away the weed and said: 'You've got 'Barbs!' I couldn't believe it, two of my target fish in an hour." The following week Sam was back in the same swim and using identical tactics landed another Roach Pit gem - a mirror called The Baby Fully at 29lb 2oz.LOCAL HEROEditor Steve Broad has looked through the previous month's AnglingT imes and picked some of the best carp catchesUKCARP MAGAZINE 4 SEPTEMBER 6TH 2011Baby Fully at 29lb 2oz.Barbs at 39lb 12oz.Big Lin at 42lb 8oz.LOCALHEROOF THE MONTH

DON'T SETTLE FOR SECOND BEST JAMES WILLIAMS - 47LBThe Richworth Linear Fisheries record was broken for the second time in a month when James Williams caught the Big Plated at 47lb from St John's Lake.The huge known specimen also smashed the Lancashire-based rod's previous personal best of 29lb 11oz.Fishing to a heavily spodded area at 80yds range, James offered a 10mm Mainline Baits Cell boilie on a size 8 Korda Kurv Shank hook and a 15lb Super Natural hooklink, and he also banked two upper doubles during his trip. TIM JACKSONMoving on to showing fish paid off for Tim Jackson, who banked this 48lb 11oz mirror known as Three Scales from Rockford Lake.Fishing at 130yds range, the 38-year-old Wiltshire rod baited the area with 2kg of Nash Mach 1 boilies and cast a matching pop-up over the top on a chod rig to ensure he achieved a good presentation over the weed.His rod ripped off just after first light and after a powerful scrap, during which the fish weeded him up a couple of times, he netted his prize. STEPHEN CROWE - 34LB 8OZStephen Crowe had only had his rods in the water for an hour when he hooked into this 34lb 8oz mirror from Suffolk Water Park's Specimen Lake.The local rod fooled his new personal best with a yellow pop-up mounted on a 4ft zig rig, and he also landed a 14lb mirror and several bream during his 24-hour session.He said: "The fight was very exciting, and the fish weeded me up and veered round a corner before I finally got it into the net."HERO OF THE MONTHWINNERS GET:5kg N-Gage XP Boilies (14/18mm), one pot N-Gage XP, Pop Ups (14/18mm), one pot N-Gage XP Hard Hookbaits (14/18mm), 3kg N-Gage XP Pellets, 250ml N-Gage XP DipWIN!BEST OF THE REST WINNERS GET:Two pots of Gaz Fareham's Northern Specials (12m/16mm) and 250ml Feedstim XPWIN!WE WANT YOUR PICSSend your specimen carp captures to: Local Hero, UKCarp, Media House, Lynchwood, Peterborough PE2 6EA. Email: MAGAZINE 5 SEPTEMBER 6TH 2011BEST OF THE REST SAM'S TACKLEHooklink: Stiff-hinged rig tied with 20lb ESP Stiff Rig Bristle Filament with a 25lb Atomic Tackle Jel-E-Wyre boom sectionHook: Size 4 ESP MK 2 Stiff Rigger Mainline: 12lb Gardner GR60Lead: 2.5oz leadReel: Daiwa Windcast Z5500Rod: Century FS 3.5lb tc