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UKCARP MAGAZINE 52 SEPTEMBER 6TH 2011ON TEST 2011This small common didn't really test the NRD but the fish still put a bend in the rod.Oversized 50mm butt ring helps with distance casts.There are three models in the new Nash NR range.A rod saver bracket stops it The higher line clip gives a great angle on your bobbin.from sliding forward.WHEN A world-class caster like Terry Edmonds gets together with tackle genius Kevin Nash to design a rod, you know something special is on the cards. Hearing whispers from insider sources about how good these latest rods were I couldn't wait to get hold of one, but wait I did, thanks to the devastating earthquake in Japan. Thankfully the country's manufacturing is now back up and running. Kevin got his rods, and I got my sweaty little mitts on one. I took out the 12ft 3lb tc model, what I'd class as an all-round model, but you can get a 12ft 3.5lb tc NRXD for £406.99 or the monster 13ft 3.5lbtc NRXD for £437.99. The first thing I noticed was just how light these rods are, but don't be fooled - they COULD THIS BE A ROD FOR LIFE?really can chuck a lead and Terry Edmonds has cast over 220m with one. I coupled mine with a lightweight big pit reel spooled with 0.35mm diameter line, and set off for a day session on my local lake.After a quick walk round I soon found fish just off a point on the 'no fishing' bank that I know is a cast of 127m thanks to my range-finder. Not wanting to crack off, I added a 50lb leader, a 3.5oz lead and a rig baited with a small boilie and an equally small PVA bag. First cast was a little low and flat, mainly due to the tip and recovery speed catching me out - this rod is really crisp.With the photographer's chuckles and taunts of "muppet" ringing in my ears, I had another go. This time I hit it sweetly, my rig flew out, and I actually feathered the cast a Nash NR rod range RRP £369.99-£

Minimalist high quality screw winch seat is secure.Super-slim contoured shrink-wrap rear grip.little to drop a bit short of the point, a cast I'm guessing was about 120m. That was with the lightest rod in the range, so lord knows what one of the beasties would do. Dropping the rod on the alarm I had time to appreciate the subtle cosmetics and a couple of really nice touches. First is the rod saver bracket just below the reel seat that stops the rod sliding forward - nice. But for me the best bit is the carbon line clip 25cm up the rod from the reel seat. This enables you to get a great angle on your bobbin.It was one of those days when the carp showed continually in the area and several changes of rig failed to produce. With cloud gathering in the west, my alarm finally sounded, the tip pulled down before the line pinged from the tip, and I was in. After a dull long-range fight I ended up playing a typical small Nene valley common under the tip, which was where this rod really surprised me - it actually bent! The Nash NR was a pleasure to use, but on this occasion my adversary didn't tax it very much. This rod isn't cheap, but the NR is a genuinely nice bit of kit that casts and plays fish brilliantly. If you are looking to invest in a set of rods for life, then make sure these are on your viewing list. "AFTER HEARING WHISPERS ABOUT THESE LATEST RODS, I COULDN'T WAIT TO GET HOLD OF ONE"