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UKCARP MAGAZINE 54 SEPTEMBER 6TH 2011UKCARP ON TEST 2011RICHWORTH TROUT PELLET AND HALIBUT PELLET POWDERSKORDA MAKES no secret of Heavy, hidden RRP £4.99-£14.99the fact that rig concealment and camouflage are high on its list of priorities - hence the introduction of these stealth-coloured products. First up is Super-Heavy Tungsten Rig Tube in 2m lengths and two colours (weed green and gravel brown) at £4.99 per pack. This tubing is heavy right enough and sinks like the proverbial brick. On the same theme, the new Kable leadcore is available in 7m and 25m spools costing £5.99 and £14.99, and two colours - gravel or weed/silt. I like the fact that the colour is broken up to help hide it on the lakebed, and this leadcore is very easy to splice. Finally comes the aptly named Dark Matter Putty, workable straight from the nifty little tin it comes in. At £6.99 for 25g it is reasonably priced and comes in green and gravel colours. This product is very dense, perfect for chods, balancing pop-ups, even blobbing hooklinks. I'm sure that it won't be long before you see one or all of these products in a tackle box near you. KORDA DARK MATTER AND KABLE"I like the fact that Kable leadcore is very easy to splice"RRP £4.50 and £5.60 per kiloBOTH THESE ingredients will be a welcome addition to any bait bag. With their high nutritional profile they are bound to be equally high in pulling power. These protein-rich powders have a variety of uses, from making simple paste baits by adding egg or water, to creating a quick and easy stick mix or even stodging-up a spod mix. My favourite is a 50:50 blend of either powder with small pellets to make what I think is a brilliant bag mix that compacts really well and will benefit from a small dash of liquid attractor. Both products are well priced and really do catch loads of carp."A 50:50 blend of either powder with small pellets makes a brilliant bag mix"

2011UKCARP MAGAZINE 55 SEPTEMBER 6TH 2011THESE ALARMS are very well priced considering the features they come with. Three and four-alarm sets, at £50 and £60, are available too. In this twin-alarm set you get a carrying case that holds a pair of alarms, a receiver and the batteries, all ready to go. Each head has four settings for tone, sensitivity and volume. It also has drop-back indication, night sensors and super-bright LEDS. The receiver has a digital display numbered to match the corresponding alarm, hence number one bleeps and a No1 symbol appears on the display - a very handy feature for distinguishing which rod needs attention. You also get vibration alert, tone and volume, and a receiving range of up to 120m (not that you should ever be that far from your rods). The heads and receiver are small, good looking, and easy to set up and use. My set has done several day sessions now and not missed a beat, despite a couple of really hot days and two torrential downpours. I was pleasantly surprised by these alarms and didn't find anything to dislike about them - even the sound is nice and crisp. They are good value and give every angler the chance to either put out an extra rod while floatfishing or try specimen carp fishing for the first time. CARP KINETICS INTERCOM TWIN ALARM AND WIRELESS RECEIVER SET "The heads and receiver are small, good looking, and easy to set up and use"www.dragoncarpdirect.comFeature-packed Offer price £40Each numbered alarm is keyed to the digital receiver.Confusion is eliminated with the receiver display.Controls for tone, on/off, volume and sensitivity are positive and logical.