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catch clinicUKcarp magazine 10 aUgUst 2nd 2011Looking for the answer?Send your queStionS to the teamGet the chance to go out on the bank with one of the Fox experts for one-to-one tuitionEmail with your question or write to: UKCarp (Fox Catch Clinic), Bauer Media, Media House, Lynchwood, Peterborough PE2 6EA. Please include your full name, address, email contact and day and evening phone numbers.areas on the way. The sand spot has been picked bare - I've been cleaned out, but there are no fish nearby so I re-prime it and move on. This is more like it! From the branches of a handy climbing tree I can see the water is coloured, and there must be a dozen fish actively moving around the area.Knowing that there is a bit of silkweed in this gulley I add a nugget of dissolving foam to help the rig gently settle on the weed. I also put on a small lead and lower it carefully and quietly into place, managing not to disturb any of the fish in the process. I walk the rod back through the canopy and put on the alarm, slacken off the line and sit well back from the area, to avoid the temptation of taking a peek every two minutes. I'm on a small point no more than 5m wide, so I spend some time watching the water behind me for clues. It isn't long before I see some fish passing over a large clear area about 30m out. With my rod still fishing I make up some large PVA bags of boilies and pellets and throw them towards the spot. The first is miles off, the second bang-on, and the third is a little wayward. No matter, we'll see how the fish react. Sure enough, the rod behind me is soon away and after a short deep-boring fight a weed-draped double-figure common hits the net - result. A quick check of the mouth and a dab of antiseptic and she powers off, none the worse for her adventure. Out of the corner of my eye I can see bubbling just to the side of the clear spot, probably where the first bag landed. Time for another quick go! This is what making the most of your time is all about. Stay mobile and you'll be surprised what comes your way - it works for me. "After a short fight a weed-draped double-figure common hits the net - result"Sat well back with a bait by the lily pads, and waiting...