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UKcarp magazine 13 JanUary 3rd 2012comfort sport PricelessRob Nunn has a winter social, and discovers an exclusive venue where every swim comes with its own cabin

long, so I didn't think the fish would be very riggy. Simple tactics, I reckoned, would be enough to nick a bite. I settled for a plastic corn rig with a PVA bag of partiblend. The Gulp ready prepared mix is PVA-friendly so I decided to tie up several bags, clip-up to the far-bank reeds and cast out the bags to lay down a small carpet of feed, then fish two bags over the top. I know most people don't think of using particles, but I've always done well on them in the cold, especially the small mass seeds like partiblend or hemp. The Gulp mix has a good handful of maize in it, so a single grain of plastic would be perfect over the top. With the area primed with a layer of seed and two rigs in place, I settled for casting the third rod towards a very dense weedbed right in the middle of the lake, an area that just screamed carp. This spot got a light scattering of 10mm Irish Cream boilies and I decided on a simple fluorocarbon hooklink with a stringer of matching baits.Talking of fluorocarbon hooklinks, I always use a hook pattern with an out-turned eye such as JRC's MBT Connect 4 pattern. This hook simply makes the rig sit that much better. With the rigs in place, I was soon sat indoors waiting for Broady and happy with my very up-market shelter. I didn't have long to wait for action and was soon donning a jacket to brave the sleet. A short battle saw me looking down on an absolutely stunning little fully scaled mirror of about 6lb, one of the hand-picked stock.I couldn't wait to bank one of Over at Suffolk Water Park there's a hidden secret, a little two-acre water called Jacobs Creek. What makes this intimate lake special is that you can exclusively book this water for 24 hours for just £90 - now that is good value. It has a stock of more than 20 twenties, just sneaking into the 30lb bracket, and an impressive array of back-up fish. To make it even better, each swim has its own basic wooden cabin, so no need to bring a bivvy. For a laugh, I decided to hire Jacobs and invite Broady over for a Christmas bash. As ever, time was short and Broady wasn't going to arrive until late, but the promise of a curry and a sherry or two had him promising to turn up. I arrived late afternoon and was soon installed in my new wooden super deluxe bivvy. Sleet was blowing past the door and I was grateful this was a permanent structure. But it was freezing, and I was fearful that the carp wouldn't play ball. A quick cast around saw me locating a couple of remaining thick weedbeds and a clean area just off the far-bank reeds. I think that in the height of summer this shallow water could prove to be very weedy indeed, which could limit the fishable area. Anyway, best I get on with the job at hand as it would soon be dark. The lake hasn't been open COMFORT SPORTUKCARP MAGAZINE 14 JANUARY 3RD 2012I didn't have to wait long for my first bite, which came from a feisty little 6lb mirror carp. Fully-scaled mirrors are always special, and this one brightened a dull winter's day.Stringers are still good after all these years...