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its bigger relations. The boilie rod was cast back out to the weedbed, just as Mr B arrived bearing gifts in the shape of one of everything off the menu from the Indian, which does deliver to the lake. We sat stuffing ourselves in style and I was actually praying I didn't get a take, just because I knew Broady would scoff the lot while I was gone. After a very social evening that saw me have to leave the warmth of the cabin several times, I eventually reeled the rods in to get a bit of sleep. I'd had half-a-dozen little fellas and didn't fancy braving the elements in the wee small hours. I really felt that I'd got a better chance of a bigger fish during the day, hopefully one of those big fully-scaled beauties. Just after first light I re-did UKCARP MAGAZINE 15 JANUARY 3RD 2012Hooks with out-turned eyes and fluorocarbon hooklinks were ideal for a boilie rig.Things were kept simple, no need for complicated rigs here.Gulp Partiblend is PVA friendly and creates a small area of feed round the hookbait.

head out right over my spot. I just smiled and said: "That's what a carp show looks like." No sooner had I said it when the rod went into absolute meltdown. After a decent scrap I was holding a nice common - I was happy and Broady had got his picture. I think I was a little unfortunate with the weather, which slowed sport drastically. Still, I'd managed seven fish in conditions that were evil, to say the least. Broady and I agreed that this is a cracking venue to get a bit of action, in very comfy surroundings - well done Firth Mill Fisheries. The fact that you can book Jacob's Creek and have a cracking social makes it a special treat, and at £30 each if three of you do it, it's good value. fish are stunning too and should pack on the weight, just take a look on the website if you don't believe me. With the fish in the bag I reeled in, arranging to return, and this time Broady even threatened to get the rods out. More details on Firth Mill Fisheries on 01473 832327, email: the rods and woke Sleeping (or should I say Snoring) Beauty with a brew. The day slipped by and the guys at the ticket office had told us not to panic about time, so I was really hanging it out to bank a better fish, even though the weather was against us. By late afternoon everything was stashed in the motor and we were just sat watching the rods when we saw a swirl at the back of the weed I was fishing. Broady said pike, I said carp. We were busy debating what a pike swirl looked like compared to a carp, when a decent fish stuck its UKCARP MAGAZINE 16 JANUARY 3RD 2012Plastic and partiblend the perfect combination.COMFORT SPORTYou have to be mad to fish in weather like this. "Broady and I agreed that this is a cracking venue to get a bit of action, in very comfy surroundings - well done Firth Mill Fisheries"