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EditorialTel: 01733 468000Write to: UKCarp, Bauer Media, Media House, Lynchwood, Peterborough Business Park, Peterborough PE2 6EA.Editor: Steve BroadProduction editor: Nick FletcherHead of photography: Mick RouseContributors: Bernard Anderson, Darren Belton, Julian Cundiff, Billy Flowers, James Furness, Dave Mennie, Rob Nunn, Darrell Peck, Lewis Read and Rich Wilby.Editorial assistant: Mary-Ann PayneTel: 01733 395105Managing director: Steve PrenticeEditor in chief: Richard LeePublished by Bauer Media.Printed by Archant Print, Norwich.AdvertisingCommercial director: Donna HarrisTel: 01733 395028Key account director: Ben Ferguson Tel: 01733 395032Telesales manager: Kath Rayner Tel: 01733 468649Display sales executive: Trish Harrison Tel: 01733 468053ContactsuP frontThe liveliest news and views for all carpersGet online's Darrell Peck explains how a scaled-down approach will score in the cold.6Fine down for winterArmed with just a mobile phone and some apps, you can be your very own weatherman.18Outlook stormyA sensitive little gadget called a Line Biter will help you hit the shyest of winter takes.42Up the hit rateThe JRC Radar DS1 alarm and receiver set uses LEDs in new and exciting ways.54Leading lightsEDITOR'S COMMENTUKcarp magazine 3 JanUary 3rd 2012UKCARP ContentsWhat a year it's been - I've enjoyed my fishing here and abroad, banking a 69lb 14oz mirror and a 65lb common on different trips to France. At home I had a few nice fish, culminating in the Greenacres biggie at 44lb, and a 39lb mirror. Now is the time of year that I plan for the coming spring. I spread myself a bit thin last year, flitting from venue to venue and not concentrating on just the one water. For 2012 I've made the drastic decision to drop most of my tickets and instead concentrate on one special venue. I'll let you know how I get on. Apart from that I've booked some more trips on Greenacres with my mate Steve for a social and the chance of catching one of the yet to be banked biggies. Holiday-wise I'm looking forward to a trip to Danny Fairbrass's Gigantica, and another to Rainbow, plus I hope to go somewhere in June but have yet to find a venue. So, if you know of anywhere, give me a shout. I'm still getting out, but mainly fishing short sessions and I must say really enjoying it, catching fish to about 15lb, and thanks to the mild weather they are feeding hard. I'm even going to blow the dust off the pike rods and go and do a bit of predator fishing, anything to get a bend in the rod. See you next time and I hope you are all catching a few. All the best! - Broadyyear to savour