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UKCARP MAGAZINE 37 JANUARY 3RD 20124Ready to go, the bags will go miles and are too big for the gulls to deal with easily in the air.3You can feed two bags at a time via a baiting spoon. works well on all three. Giving myself some options is certainly helping me catch consistently. I remember being on the bank with Jim Shelley at Waveney Valley a couple of winters ago, and what really impressed me was how he was switching from lake to lake on the holiday complex. He has fished this venue for so many years and this experience, along with his excellent watercraft, helped him target the best lake on the day.The largest lake I'm fishing is 12 acres and the fish seem more active there than on the deep pit or my own shallower water. I've had bites from three of the four banks now but unless a fish pops its head out as I arrive it is very hard to guess where they will be.I'm starting to learn that the fish seem to be bit happier on the back of the wind, but on a couple of trips they have turned up on the end of it. Both the other lakes are far more predictable and I have caught all my fish this winter from the same one or two areas. These lakes fish better with a good breeze pushing across the water, and the deep pit is the one I target in the coldest conditions. Several times I've fished two of the lakes in the same day as the weather conditions have changed during my session.One thing that has worked well for me this winter is being confident about introducing bait regularly. I'm using a mixture of Monster Squid and the awesome Strawberry Amber Attract. I will often spread 40-50 baits over all my rods as soon as I get into a swim and then introduce the same amount half-an-hour later when I recast.All the lakes I'm fishing are far from being overstocked, but I'm confident the fish are grouped up in small shoals, so if 10 drop down to feed, 100 baits will not last long even in the coldest weather. Add to this diving ducks, coots and gulls taking some baits in the air and not all of it is going to reach its target. To add to my woes, one of the pits I'm fishing has too many bream in it for my liking. But I believe all this annoying attention paid to my bait from the birds and nuisance fish just encourages the lethargic winter carp to feed.I can remember a few very cold day trips over at top I use Diffusion leaders and lead clips.Blobs of putty added to leader.Long hooklink and snowman rig, ideal to fish over light weed.

Midlands fishery Cuttle Mill, when the lake froze during the day or was frozen when we arrived. The bailiff would put a powerful pump on and then go out in the boat to smash the ice. One morning I was sitting in the cafe eating a big fried breakfast with Lee Collings, waiting for the broken ice to drift away. We waddled back to our swims, cast out and within minutes started to get line bites, and then we caught. The activity from the boat and pump had stirred up those old carp and when they moved they started to feed.I dabble for a number of other fish species in the colder months and I think the reason that I love pike and chub fishing in the winter is mainly because it keeps me active. Leapfrogging swims and recasting every 15-20 minutes is normal for most good pike and chub anglers. My winter carp fishing has begun to follow a similar approach and I'm enjoying it more than ever. It can be hard, but it still only takes a minute in the right place to tempt a bite.My advice to anyone who is struggling at the moment would be to leave all the extra winter gear at home and just pop out for a few day trips and move around the lake regularly. You will soon locate the fish and you could end up catching just as many winter carp without having to camp out all night on long sessions. UKCARP MAGAZINE 38 JANUARY 3RD 2012STAYING MOBILEEven at this time of year be aware of the weed.ROLL OF HONOUR23lb 8oz20lb 4oz34lb 10oz21lb 2oz