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Midlands fishery Cuttle Mill, when the lake froze during the day or was frozen when we arrived. The bailiff would put a powerful pump on and then go out in the boat to smash the ice. One morning I was sitting in the cafe eating a big fried breakfast with Lee Collings, waiting for the broken ice to drift away. We waddled back to our swims, cast out and within minutes started to get line bites, and then we caught. The activity from the boat and pump had stirred up those old carp and when they moved they started to feed.I dabble for a number of other fish species in the colder months and I think the reason that I love pike and chub fishing in the winter is mainly because it keeps me active. Leapfrogging swims and recasting every 15-20 minutes is normal for most good pike and chub anglers. My winter carp fishing has begun to follow a similar approach and I'm enjoying it more than ever. It can be hard, but it still only takes a minute in the right place to tempt a bite.My advice to anyone who is struggling at the moment would be to leave all the extra winter gear at home and just pop out for a few day trips and move around the lake regularly. You will soon locate the fish and you could end up catching just as many winter carp without having to camp out all night on long sessions. UKCARP MAGAZINE 38 JANUARY 3RD 2012STAYING MOBILEEven at this time of year be aware of the weed.ROLL OF HONOUR23lb 8oz20lb 4oz34lb 10oz21lb 2oz