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UKcarp magazine 46 JanUary 3rd 2012indicationremember fishing for bream on Rudyard Lake, back in my home county of Staffordshire, and watching my swingtip twitch a couple of times before rising up. The ensuing strike was met by the nodding of a hooked slab.In the bagOver the next few trips I took out the Line Biters, but although I caught plenty of fish I don't think that they actually helped that much, because every take was a flyer, and it wasn't until another freezing short session that they came into their own again. I should own up and actually admit I didn't have the Line Biters on and was just fishing as normal. About half-an-hour into the session a single bleep caught my attention, and as I looked I saw the rod-tip shake - I'd been done. This happened again on the other rod about five minutes later.Thinking I knew exactly what the score was, I delved into the bag and fished out my Line Biters, recast and slid them in place. Sure enough, a short time later my orange friend bounced a couple of times, I struck and the first carp of the trip was hooked.That was a couple of years ago now and I learned from my mistake. Now I always have a couple of Line Biters in the bag, just in case the carp are playing hard to get. It isn't every session that I need or use them, but once in a while they really do come into their own. Try them, you'll be surprised at the difference they make and you'll be amazed at just how far one can move without any indication on your standard alarm and bobbin combination. "About half-an-hour into the freezing short session a single bleep caught my attention, and as I looked I saw the rod-tip shake - I'd been done"Would standard indicators have shown the take?