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MAGIC GRUBSUKCARP MAGAZINE 50 JANUARY 3RD 2012EASIEST MAGGOT RIG EVER1Tie a small fine-wire barbless hook to the uncoated section of hooklink material. 2Push a baiting needle through a grain of plastic corn at this critical angle.3Slide the corn up the hooklink so that eventually you cover the small hook.4Tie on your chosen pattern of main hook. Maggots go on the bend of the small one.I pull the coated braid through the corn - the hook pulls all the way inside, leaving just a small loop. I now tie on a larger hook KD style and that's my basic rig. All I have to do now is pull the small hook out of the corn and impale several maggots on to the bend, before pushing the point back into the corn. This creates a balanced bait that suits the KD rig, but do check the buoyancy of your hookbait in case you need to nip a small shot on the hair to sink it. The last piece of the rig jigsaw is a big PVA bag of maggots which you tie to the ring swivel coming out of the inline lead. To put all this into context I'll describe a recent session on one of my local waters. All my rods, including the spod, are clipped-up before I even get to the bank, simply because I know it so well. The area I was fishing is on a small bar about 50 yards out, a place the carp just love to be in winter. It was one of those afternoons when I found I'd got a couple of hours free, decided to go then wished I hadn't, because it was chucking it down. I walked to the swim and quickly filled my Spomb (left) with a couple of handfuls of hemp and one of maggots.Three quick casts to a far-bank marker got a bit of bait out there, then two bags quickly followed - easier said than done when travelling light with no brolly. Worrying about my sanity as the first drops of water ran down my neck, I glared at the bobbins, willing them into action. As usual, willpower didn't work but the irresistible lure of maggot and hemp did, and the first carp of the afternoon was mine. I wouldn't be troubling Angling Times with this one, but it did warm me up. Another couple of Spombs went out, followed quickly by another bag. I tend to tie the bags to suit the distance I'm fishing and use the biggest I can get away with. The next bite came quickly but unfortunately for me the fish dropped off just inches from the net. By now I was fed up. "I glared at the bobbins, willing them into action. As usual, willpower didn't work but the lure of maggot and hemp did, and the fi rst carp of the afternoon was mine"A long lean common - maggots get me regular results.

UKCARP MAGAZINE 51 JANUARY 3RD 2012Stupidly, I hadn't dressed for weather like this and everything was soaked. Even the maggots were making good their escape, thanks to my leaving the top off the tub. But the rods were out and I gave myself another 30 minutes before I'd shoot home to get dry. While I was practically counting down the seconds one of the rods went and a feisty 10-pounder was soon in the net. I was wet but well chuffed - I'd only been on the bank two hours yet I'd had a couple and lost one, just the way I like it. This was my refined approach in action, little-and-often with the magic hemp and maggot mix, and a quick and easy rig. For me it's a real winner for banking carp quickly on a short session, and it does get me some stunning results. "My refi ned approach was little-and-often with the hemp and maggot mix, and a quick and easy rig"How the PVA bag is attached to the lead - hooklink and reel line are fixed to the other end.Another common to the refined maggot approach.This 10-pounder rounded off a perfect session.