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on test 2012"These alarms have features you would expect on a far more expensive unit. I like their size, ease of use and sound. So far they haven't missed a beat"UKcarp magazine 54 janUary 3rd 2012These alarms stood up fine to a long-term test.It does everything except land your fish RRP £329.99JRC RadaR dSI alaRmS and dSR ReCeIveR AlwAys stand or fall on their reliability, which is why I've done this test slightly differently. I've used this set for two months solid now, living with them on every session. My thoughts? Brilliant - they haven't given me any problems and have performed faultlessly. The tiny receiver is very stylish, easy to use, and is great dangling round your neck on the lanyard provided. You can even tune a fourth head to it. It has a vibration setting, as well as a built-in torch which I found very useful. The alarms are simple to understand and all the adjustments are easy to make. The tone range is good, providing a nice crisp sound. The sounder is powered by an AAA, and the heads by easily obtained LR1s, and so far the battery life has been faultless. One feature that I really liked was the main light lens on the head. This is elongated down one ear, and is made up of small LEDs. On a forward take the LEDs light from the bottom upwards, indicating the direction, and when the take stops the top LED remains lit. For a drop-back the reverse happens and the bottom These LEDs indicate forward takes as well as drop-backs.

UKcarp magazine 55 janUary 3rd 2012Smooth and strong RRP £24.95 per 1,000m spool of 12lbPro-Distance casting Linewww.terryeustace.comLED stays lit - a very quick way of assessing what is happening at the rod. Each head has tone, volume and sensitivity controls, and comes with a rubberised slip-over protective cover. You can either buy alarms and receiver separately for £89.99 each, or in the presentation set of three plus a receiver for £329.99. These reasonably priced alarms have a whole host of features that you would expect on a far more expensive unit. I like their size, ease of use and sound, and so far they haven't missed a beat. They are definitely worth taking a peek at if you need some new buzzers. When a neW line from Gold Label Tackle arrives you have to sit up and take notice - after all, the company has the all-time classics Pro-Clear and Pro-Gold to its name, and these enjoy a cult following.This latest product is designed to be a low diameter casting line that is abrasion-resistant. It retains a very high breaking strain, and has a subtle light brown colour. As an example of its strength in relation to thickness, the 12lb version has a diameter of 0.35mm and breaks at 20.5lb.Pro-Distance is available in 1,000m spools, in 10lb, 12lb and 15lb breaking strains. I tried out the 10lb version that has a 0.30mm diameter. It went on to the reel spool superbly and knotted well when a shockleader was added. It left the spool smoothly and came back just as smoothly on the retrieve, and had a very tangible feel of quality that inspired confidence. It genuinely casts well. The set comprises three heads, covers, and a feature-packed receiver.The receiver is light and small....and even includes a torch.Pro-Distance upholds the high reputation of Gold Label Tackle lines.