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ON TEST 2012UKCARP MAGAZINE 56 JANUARY 3RD 2012For cosy couples or super-sized carp anglers RRP £439.99NASH INDULGENCE AIR-LITE SS 4 EMPERORwww.nashtackle.comTHE FIRST time I saw this bedchair I openly laughed, and then was left slightly red-faced when the lads at Nash explained exactly why they had created this mammoth bed.The truth is that a percentage of anglers out there are too large for standard bedchairs, and lots of people take a partner fishing - another situation where the Emperor comes into its own. After all, it is described as the world's first double bedchair.It is truly massive but in reality won't take up any more space than two single bedchairs and works out cheaper than having to buy a second bed to keep your partner comfortable.This system is designed to create a bed on the bank, a concept that the lads at Nash adhere to. It comes with Natural ingredients for year-round use RRP £3.69-£11.99CAMBRIDGE CARP BAIT THE GHOST RANGEwww.premiumcarpfishing.comTHE GHOST is a milk protein-based bait with a blend of natural ingredients to give it a distinctive label of cream, with a hint of spice. The highly nutritious and easily digestible bait is suitable for year-round use and has proved to be excellent in autumn and winter.The range is available in fresh or shelf-life, in 10mm and 16mm sizes with matching pop-ups, glug, and hard hookers.This off-white bait has produced several fish for editor Steve Broad over the last few weeks, with single pop-ups or a 10mm bait and small PVA bag of matching crumb doing the business. You get pop-ups, glugs and hard hookers as well as standard boilies.DIMENSIONSFRAME: 198cm (L) x 105cm (W) HEIGHT OF LEGS: Min 28cm, max 42cmWEIGHT: 19kg (complete)

GARDNER XL SAFETY SLING MAT"This version is a massive 120cm x 97cm, with a quality 40mm foam inner for loads of protection, plus there's no gap in the padding where it folds in half""Lots of people take a partner fi shing - another situation where the Emperor comes into its own. After all, it is described as the world's fi rst double bedchair"UKCARP MAGAZINE 57 JANUARY 3RD 2012the patented twin duvet, which ensures the user keeps cool in summer, warm and cosy in winter. The mattress maximises warmth in winter and can be taken off for a comfortable, cool night's sleep on the hottest summer nights.The Emperor also features a new under webbing system, by means of which the fisherman can adjust the mattress/elastic tension, achieving maximum support without the discomfort of bottom crossbars.The Emperor is a compact solution for couples, or the giant option for an individual, and is surprisingly compact when folded. I can genuinely see lots of couples taking one on trips to France where you set up camp in a massive bivvy, and comfort and fun is the goal.I'M A MASSIVE fan of this type of mat, simply because they are so versatile and suit my way of fishing. Mine carries loads of my bits and pieces.This version is massive, 120cm x 97cm, with a high quality 40mm foam inner that provides loads of protection, plus there's no gap in the padding where it folds in half. The outer is smooth, soft and waterproof, making it very fish-Much more than a mat, more than a sling RRP £29.99www.premiumcarpfishing.comThe mat doubles as a weigh sling.A handy zipped accessory pocket.Editor Broady is dwarfed by this bedchair.198cm105cmfriendly, and it has a zipped accessory pocket. Heavy-duty webbing handles mean that the mat can also be used as a weigh sling if needed.If you need a new mat look no further - this model is great value and very practical.