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"You'll be surprised how good the three rods in the range look"UKCARP MAGAZINE 59 JANUARY 3RD 2012 READY TIED CHOD RIGSparticular, is tricky to tie but Korda have taken the pain out of the whole process and made it available to all. The ready-tied rigs come in barbed or barbless, in sizes 4 to 10, and two lengths, short (about 1.5ins) and long (about 3ins). They are tied to an exceptionally high standard, and the short version is about as tiny as you can physically tie. I've used them as they were intended, but also cast them out as a hinged stiff rig. On the bank they caught loads of fish and lasted well, and for just £4.99 they are reasonably priced.Korda has now brought the chod rig within everyone's reach. THERE ARE three rods in this budget range, all 12ft and with test curves of 2.75lb, 3lb and 3.25lb. You'll be surprised how good they look. I gave the lightest and the 3.25lb versions an outing on my winter water, where the carp sit at long range in a big open area, a spot I could just reach with 12lb line and the 2.75lb tc rod. It has a very forgiving action and would be perfect on a small water, but I did just manage to chuck a 2.5oz lead and small PVA bag 75yds to the fish. On the other hand the more powerful 3.25lb tc version can really chuck a lead. And what a little beauty it is - exceptionally light, with a crisp feel. This heavier rod went first and the small common I landed didn't really trouble the Nitrium, but it did show off its nice forgiving tip. Thankfully, my only other take was on the lighter version, and what a pleasure it was to use, with a sweet through action. For the money these rods are reasonably priced and perform well. There is good attention to detail, with subtle things like a decent line clip. I think you'll be surprised at some of the deals you'll find online, but they are well worth a look even at full RRP. Long and short chods are tied better than you could manage yourself.Slim screw reel seats on the Rovex look the business.A line clip, so useful yet so often overlooked - not on the Rovex.Quality, large diameter butt ring aids distance casting.

PLANNING CUNNING PLANS FOR WINTERChoose the right venue, keep your options open and you'll catch even in the cold. Iain Macmillan gives you the lowdown on how he tackles Richworth Linear FisheriesUKCARP MAGAZINE 60 JANUARY 3RD 2012