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end tackleUKcarp magazine 8 JanUary 3rd 2012easy pop-up rig1Take a Choddy hook and tie to GURU mono.2Add small Korda Sinker an inch or so from hook.3Wrap the sinker with putty to anchor the bait.4The completed rig with a bright white pop-up.more hooked fish. I have actually used GURU kit to great effect. GURU is Korda's sister company (specialising in match and coarse fishing) and it has some great products that we can use in our fishing. The monofilaments such as Drag Line and N-Gauge are really strong, yet thin. I have used them to great effect in the past. They are both supple and strong. The N-Gauge is also clear, so you get the advantages of a fluorocarbon as far as line concealment is concerned. Hook and baitThe size of the hooks you are using will also play a part in how subtle your rigs are. A bigger hook will be easily noticed in comparison to a smaller equivalent. The hook is attached closely to the bait so if it seems too big in comparison it may become quite obvious.Location is very important. Always have a good look round before setting up.A result in the cold when carp are barely feeding.