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TO ORDER: CALL 01159 631777 or 01159 631683 BUY ONLINE 18 MEGA DEALS39Captor Carp Silver 12ft Two-piece Rod RRP £59.99 OFFER £10Good all-round power action carp rod ideal for day-ticket stillwaters. Powerful 2.5lb test curve for big ish and short to medium-range casts. Abbreviated EVA grips and super ceramic-lined eye guides.38Captor Carp Gold 12ft Two Piece Carp Rod RRP £59.99 OFFER £12.50A limited edition carp rod of 2.5lb test curve - spot-on for PVA bag ishing at medium range.37Captor Compact 12ft Three PieceCarp RodRRP £59.99 OFFER £12.50Power action carp rod which comes in three sections so it can be stored in a normal match rod holdall. Abbreviated EVA grips and super ceramic lined eye guides.£10OFFER PRICECaptor £12.50OFFER PRICE£12.50OFFER PRICE40CK Fusion2 Carbon Specialist 12ft 1.75lb tc RodRRP £119.99 OFFER £29.99A lovely, softer actioned, two-piece specialist rod that will appeal to anglers who love loater ishing or tackling barbel on the rivers.PIKE RODS42CK Fusion2 Carbon Spod/Marker 12ft 4lb tc RodRRP £119.99 OFFER £29.99The Spod/Marker rod is a real beast that has ample power to launch a big spod of bait or a marker loat to distant swims.£29.99OFFER PRICE£29.99 - CK FUSION2 CARP 45Doctor Spin 2 piece Deadbait/Powerspin 9ft RRP £59.99 OFFER £9.99One of the most popular rods in the Dragon Pike stable, this versatile little number is ideal for pike, zander or cats - or anything powerful. STAR BUY18-19.indd 1810/11/10 14:35:33

BUY ONLINE MEGA DEALS 19Total to pay £NameAddress PostcodeEmailTelephone No Please send (insert number you require)? CAPTOR COMPACT  £12.50? CAPTOR GOLD  £12.50? CAPTOR SILVER  £10? FUSION2 SPECIALIST 1.75LB ROD  £29.99? FUSION2 12FT 2.5LB  £29.99? FUSION2 SPOD/MARKER ROD  £29.99? FUSION2 STALKING  £29.99? FUSION2 12FT 3LB  £29.99? DR SPIN 9FT PIKE  £9.99? DR SPIN 12FT PIKE  £15Send completed form and cheque or postal order (payable to Used Tackle) to: Angling Times Offers, Used Tackle, 28 Baker Street, Hucknall, Nottingham, NG15 7ASkData Protection Statement: *By entering your email address and/or moble number you are choosing to receive email and SMS messages from time to time from Bauer Consumer Media (the publishers of this magazine) and / or carefully selected partners. We will never pass these details to any other organisation. Bauer Consumer Media (the publishers of this magazine) directly or via its agents may like to contact you by post or phone. Please tick if you do not want to be contacted by us ? or carefully selected partner organisations ? in this way. We will never pass these details to any other organisation. ?PLEASE ADD £5.95 P&P FOR FIRST ITEM. TWO OR MORE PLEASE ADD £10 P&PFILL OUT THE FORM OR CALL THE HOTLINES (MAINLAND UK)01159 63177701159 631683HOW TO ORDER£29.99OFFER PRICE41 CK Fusion2 Carbon Carp 12ft 2.5lb tc Carp RodRRP £119.99 OFFER £29.99The perfect all-rounder of a carp rod for UK day-ticket waters. It's 12ft long with a 2.5lb test curve, so ideal for short to middle-range ishing.£29.99OFFER PRICE44CK Fusion2 Carbon Carp 12ft 3lb tc RodRRP £119.99 OFFER £29.99Long range, 3lb test curve carp rod for distance ishing or big French carp. Features a slim carbon blank and high-grade lined guides.£29.99OFFER PRICE43 CK Fusion2 Carbon Stalking 9ft 2.5lb tc RodRRP £119.99 OFFER £29.99First in the new CK Fusion2 range is this short (9ft) powerhouse of a stalking rod with the slimmest of carbon blanks and many innovative features.£29.99OFFER PRICEFUSION2 CARP RODS46Doctor Spin 2 piece Deadbait/Powerspin 12ft RRP £59.99 OFFER PRICE £15The larger brother of the nine-footer, the extra length on this power rod allows you to gain more crucial yards on the cast when tackling big venues.£15OFFER PRICE£9.99OFFER PRICESTAR BUYNEW18-19.indd 1910/11/10 14:36:27