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BUY ONLINE MEGA DEALS 3Total to pay £NameAddress PostcodeEmailTelephone No Please send (insert number you require)HYPERACTIVE RODS? BARBEL TWIN TOP ROD  £15? 12FT HEAVY FEEDER ROD  £10? 12FT POWERCAST WAGGLER ROD  £10? 10FT MULTITIP FEEDER ROD  £10? 11FT POWER PELLET WAGGLER ROD  £10Send completed form and cheque or postal order (payable to Used Tackle) to: Angling Times Offers, Used Tackle, 28 Baker Street, Hucknall, Nottingham, NG15 7ASkData Protection Statement: *By entering your email address and/or moble number you are choosing to receive email and SMS messages from time to time from Bauer Consumer Media (the publishers of this magazine) and / or carefully selected partners. We will never pass these details to any other organisation. Bauer Consumer Media (the publishers of this magazine) directly or via its agents may like to contact you by post or phone. Please tick if you do not want to be contacted by us ? or carefully selected partner organisations ? in this way. We will never pass these details to any other organisation. ?PLEASE ADD £5.95 P&P FOR FIRST ITEM. TWO OR MORE PLEASE ADD £10 P&PFILL OUT THE FORM OR CALL THE HOTLINES (MAINLAND UK)01159 63177701159 631683HOW TO ORDER2Avanti Hyperactive 12ft Heavy Feeder RodOFFER £10If you love the Method for carp, bream ishing, or chucking out a feeder on rivers, this is the power rod for you.It will handle everything you can throw at it - with total conidence.5Avanti Hyperactive 11ft Power Pellet WagglerOFFER £10This tough, two-piece loat rod will handle this active tactic with ease, with a casting and playing action to lick out your loat with accuracy, hit bites, and play big ish back to the landing net.Not just for pellet wagglers, this rod is ideal for wagglers and splasher loats too, plus carp in the edge.£10OFFER PRICE£10OFFER PRICE4Avanti Hyperactive 10ft Multi-Tip FeederOFFER £10A medium-power feeder rod, ideal for carp, bream, tench and silverish.In tight commercial pegs you can get your rod out of the way of vegetation for proper bite detection.Two-piece, medium action, smooth on the ish, this versatile rodcomes with three tips.1Avanti Hyperactive Barbel Twin TopOFFER £15£15OFFER PRICE3Avanti Hyperactive 12ft Powercast WagglerOFFER £10Every angler should have a 12ft match rod in their holdall! This three-piece loat rod has all the inesse for silverish, but it packs all the power for dealing with carp and tench too.A great allrounder for all loat ishing.HYPERACTIVE RODS FROM £10!Float or leger, feeder or Method, and stalking big ish - this all-round rod will do it all.It comes with two top sections - loat and quiver - making it a versatile tool fo r big carp and barbel..With the loat top on you can ish with chubby loats, touch-leger for barbel, or even stalk the margins, while the quiver top is ideal for big feeders and the Method.£10OFFER PRICEcast and when playing £10OFFER PRICEp2-9.indd 310/11/10 13:08:07

TO ORDER: CALL 01159 631777 or 01159 631683 BUY ONLINE 4 MEGA DEALS'New for 2010, these matt black and gold reels have been designed for loat and feederishing on rivers and stillwaters. They are not only smooth, but they have loads of power too.The RRP is £49.99, but you can get a pair for just £10 while stocks last!Avanti's RDX2 reels have a balanced, ergonomic handle that folds when not in use, plus rear drag, instant anti-reverse switch, and a speedy gear ratio of 5.2:1.7RDX2 Reels pairRRP £49.99 OFFER £10 A PAIR£102 REELS FOR8Azure GT30 Reel DealRRP £29.99 OFFER £10 PLUS GET A SECOND REEL FREE!rThis has to be the reel deal of the year so far! Mail order giant Used Tackle is o ering one of its Azure GT30 rear drag reels for just £10 this week - and throwing in a second reel for free!In a special deal for Angling Times readers you can get two Azure GT30 reels worth £29.99 each for just 10 quid!A medium-sized reel spot-on for loat or feeder ishing, the GT30 features a rear drag system, anti-reverse, balanced handle, anti-twist line roller, line clip on the spool and a spare spool.With two reels and four spools in total you can be prepared for all aspects of ishing on stillwaters and rivers this coming season, thanks to this great deal. This £102 REELS FORSTAR BUYSTAR BUY6Avanti Magic Wand 4-Tip RodIt's the legendary rod type we all had in our holdalls for decades, and now these new Magic Wands come ready for commercial carp waters - making them the only rod you'll need right now!Launched today, Avanti's new Hyperspeed Magic Wand is a four-tip feeder rod that goes everywhere and does it all - from stillwater carp ishing on the feeder and bomb, to dropping a Method feeder close in. It also handles roach, perch, and skimmers down the track on snake lakes, canals and small rivers.At just 8ft long and in two sections, this rod is designed for the growing band of anglers switching back to shorter rods for the bulk of their ishing on tight commercial swims in autumn and winter.This rod has been created to ish small PVA bags, bomb and pellet tactics, small Method, particle, and maggot feeders, as well as legering with maggots, casters and worms.This is a rod that packs plenty of power for mirrors and commons, with a progressive blank, properly spaced lined guides and a secure reel seat.£10OFFER PRICEp2-9.indd 410/11/10 13:09:25