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15Avanti Margin Carp 950 PoleRRP £99.99 OFFER £30This no-nonsense powerhouse of a pole is spot-on for dropping a rig tight to margins and playing the big ish which live there. At 9.5m it's longer than most margin poles on the market and has bags of strength. Smooth, easy slide sections make using this margin pole a breeze.Rated to a 20-plus elastic, there is nothing this pole can't stop on commercials! Limited stocks!£30OFFER PRICESTAR BUY8 MEGA DEALSTO ORDER: CALL 01159 631777 or 01159 631683 BUY ONLINE £10OFFER PRICESTAR BUY17Universal Top KitsOFFER £10 EACHSuper-strong Universal Top Kits range, with both Match and Power versions available for just £10 each. Each top-2 is fully customisable, so no matter which pole you own you can cut the top kits back to it your pole. Match kits are rated to a No12 elastic, while the Power kits take a 20 elastic.16Avanti Standard Pole Rig Set10 rigs for £10 or 30 rigs for £20New and improved for 2010, Avanti's ready-tied pole rigs make up a complete set of rigs for commercial stillwaters.£20OFFER PRICEp2-9.indd 810/11/10 14:19:38

Total to pay £NameAddress PostcodeEmailTelephone No Please send (insert number you require)? AVANTI MARGIN CARP 950 POLE  £30? AVANTI STANDARD POLE RIG SET  10 RIGS  £10? AVANTI STANDARD POLE RIG SET  30 RIGS  £20? UNIVERSAL MATCH TOP KIT  £10? UNIVERSAL POWER TOP KIT  £10? POWERCRUNCHER 9.5M POLE  £20? POWERCRUCNHER PRO 11M POLE  £30Send completed form and cheque or postal order (payable to Used Tackle) to: Angling Times Offers, Used Tackle, 28 Baker Street, Hucknall, Nottingham, NG15 7ASkData Protection Statement: *By entering your email address and/or moble number you are choosing to receive email and SMS messages from time to time from Bauer Consumer Media (the publishers of this magazine) and / or carefully selected partners. We will never pass these details to any other organisation. Bauer Consumer Media (the publishers of this magazine) directly or via its agents may like to contact you by post or phone. Please tick if you do not want to be contacted by us ? or carefully selected partner organisations ? in this way. We will never pass these details to any other organisation. ?PLEASE ADD £5.95 P&P FOR FIRST ITEM. TWO OR MORE PLEASE ADD £10 P&PFILL OUT THE FORM OR CALL THE HOTLINES (MAINLAND UK)01159 63177701159 631683HOW TO ORDER MEGA DEALS 9BUY ONLINE www.dragoncarpdirect.comThe bigger brother to the 9.5m pole, this 11m Powercruncher Pro is an ideal long pole for ishing shallow, on the bottom, or down the edge for carp and silverish.It has the same tough construc-tion of the 9.5m pole with exceptional wall strength throughout its length, but has the addition of a long carbon top-2 section which aids balance and makes the pole lighter at the tip.It packs plenty of power too, and with a No14 elastic rigged through the cut-back top kit you can hit, play and land big ish on this pole without worry.The Powercruncher Pro 11m has an easy-to-grip butt section plus a smooth inish on all the other major sections to make it slide easily through your hands for shipping in or out and when playing ish.This best selling all-rounder of a pole is now back in stock, and is already selling fast in Used Tackle's stores thanks to their 'no-nonsense' construction and incredible o er price.Supplied with a long 'lick tip' tip you can use it for snatching out roach, rudd and skimmers, or cut the tip section back and elasticate it for carp, tench and bream.Rigged-up with a No 14 elastic you'll be able to tackle any commercial venue, and the solid wall strength means you can pile on the pressure without any worries.Crunching power for the pools - from £20!Pantera 9.5m and 11m poles now back in stock - Special off er for Angling Times readers19Pantera Powercruncher Pro 11m poleRRP £79.99 Off er price £3018Pantera Powercruncher 9.5m poleRRP £59.99 Off er price £20It's also ideal for margin ishing, and at 9.5m it's longer than most margin poles so will give you extra reach to push your loat close to features like overhanging trees and reedbeds.A robust pole, and at £20 it's a great bargain. Stocks are limited.£20OFFER PRICE£30OFFER PRICEp2-9.indd 910/11/10 14:20:13