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13 Veals Mail Order: 0845 644 1993 or 01275 892 000 Online order: Email order: Beta and Team BoxBags & BoxesBreakaway Team / Beta Box ConversionsOur most popular seat boxes made easier to carry and more comfortable. Breakaway Conversion + Beta Box VMO Price £59.50Breakaway Conversion + Team BoxVMO Price £66.25Shakespeare Sherpa ConversionA simple and inexpensive way to carry either of our two seat boxes. Anyone who has to carry their box any distance will appreciate how much easier it is with a Sherpa.Sherpasrp £19.99 VMO Price £17.95 Sherpa + Betasrp £55.98 VMO Price £41.99 Sherpa + Teamsrp £65.99 VMO Price £51.99 Made from wipe clean, quality plastic - strong enough to sit on - tough enough to handle beach or boat fishing. For years the Shakespeare Beta has been a beach and boat favourite, big enough to take reels, flask,food and boxes of accessories while the Team is big enough to take some spare clothing as well.Shakespeare Beta Box Black 45 x 37 x 39cm. The most popular size, normally supplied in black. srp £35.99 VMO Price £25.99Shakespeare Team Box Black53 x 38 x 41cm. A larger version of the Beta Box featuring a double securing clip. Black is normally supplied, but are showing the blue Beta so its easier to see the difference in size. srp £46.99 VMO Price £34.99Breakaway 'Tackle Tray'Fits across the top of Team or Beta Box, holds leads, reel and line. Keep the essentials organised for only VMO Price £14.90Breakaway Seat Box ConversionYet another great idea from Breakaway. Carry your box like a rucksack and have a back rest when you sit down. If you have to walk any distance this is worth its weight in peelers. VMO Price £37.99Beta Padded Cushions srp £6.50 VMO Price £5.50Shakespeare Padded Straps srp £5.99 VMO Price £4.50Shakespeare Clip On Side Tray srp £7.99 VMO Price £7.50Uglystick GearbagSave money on this ideal tough gearbag, great for reels, tackle box, sandwiches, flask/cans and all those odds and ends. SRP £15.99 VMO Price £9.99Grauvell Fisher 1057Water resistant bag ideal for the boat with grab handles and shoulder strap. . Size: 84 x 35 x 35cm. . 3 rubber handles & shoulder strap. . Ideal for your spare clothing / flotation suit / tackle etc.VMO Price £16.99Penn Affinity Gear BagRobust Gladstone style bag, that allows easy access to its contents. Outside zip pocket, with zip off moulded water proof base. Shoulder and carrying straps. Carry loads of gear in style! srp £49.99 VMO Price £39.99Shakespeare RuckChairsrp £29.99 VMO Price £25.99A sensible size rucksack combined with the comfort of a chair, rather than a stool. A neat product, that will suit anyone who values a bit of comfort.Shakespeare Salt RucksackA large capacity rucksack over 55L with loads of features. Padded shoulder straps, winged waist strap, side pockets, water bottle pouches, top strap, zip pocket, waterproof base. It is very well made and a crazy low low price.srp £29.99 VMO Price £19.99Daiwa Sea Seat BoxDesigned for shore or boat this compact seat box features a top tier tackle box with easy access for your bits and pieces. Please note that it is not as big as a Beta measuring 37 x 34 x 22 cm. Includes strap and stick on foam seat. £29.99 £

14Shelters, Wallets & Luggage Veals Rig WalletsThe Jumbo has 20 ziplock bags. 10 large, 10 medium (Standard has 10 medium) These are retained with brass bolts so you can customise or replace bags. The cover is heavy duty, edged and has brass air holes and all round Velcro fastening so no zips to clog. Standard 7.5" x 9" £7.90 Jumbo 13" x 10" £11.50Replacement Zip Bags Medium size. 5 for £2.20Large size. 5 for £2.70Spools not includedTronix Rig Winder6.5 x 1.8mm. Hugely popular to wind your traces around. Stunning price. 10 for £2.99 Tronix Box Holds 20 winders. £4.50Tronix Jumbo 10cm Rig WindersAssorted colours 4 for £2.50Jumbo Box (Holds 12 spools) £6.00Affinity Rig Wallet £16.99Compact but with lots of capacity 32 Clear 14 x 10 cm pockets Large 18 x 18 cm pocket Easy access, can be hung open from railings etc.MTi Spool Tube £5.99Made from 400D materialthis takes 2 x 4oz bulkspools of line. Velcro line dispenser and spool securing strap.Mustad Rig TubePrevents your loose spools tangling, velcro flapped,Tough wipe clean. £3.99Shakespeare Salt BaitbucketCollapsible bait bucket with neat zip carry case. 4 litre capacity with external pocket for aerator pump. 28 x 25cm £12.99Eddystone Live Bait ContainerThe container is designed for Sandeels/ Prawns has a net cover plus a clear pvc cover and is supplied with airpump stone and tube (batteries extra). £24.98Greys Fish Bag £14.99Not just for fish, makes a useful carryall, with shoulder strap.Beach Buddy ConvertibleA new slant on the original beach anglers' best seller, designed by John Holden. Designed to fold down for easy transport and storage the shelter provides a large amount of storage space with room for a seat box or chair. Suitable for locating on shingle or sand.Imax Storm Safe Beach ShelterThe new Imax Storm Safe Shelter to replace the original Ron Thompson Shelter, featuring a door that can be fully closed to shut out the elements. 220 x 150 x 150cm. £55Imax Comfort Shelter Ultra liteEasy carry beach session shelter. Light and quick to erect shelter from the sun wind or rain. 240 x 150 x 135cm. £34.99Trace WalletsQuality waterproof cover. Replaceable pouches plus inside mesh pocket. Small, with 10 pouches. £8.50 Large, with 10 large and 10 small pouches. £12.95Revolutionary new shelter. Erects in seconds, Tough, Versatile, Stable. A fantastic bit of kit, phone or check online as demand is sure to exceed supply. Comes in red, black blue or green. £99.99Ron Thompson Beach ShelterSuperbly priced. Remarkably similar to the original Beach Buddy. Provides a stable, strong shelter from the wind and rain. Only Blue Now Available .While stocks Last.£99.99£99.99whilestocks lastwhilestocks lastwhilestocks lastMAROONiglooshelterCHECK for availability£49.99veals deal20 Tronix Standard Winders + Box £