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17 Veals Mail Order: 0845 644 1993 or 01275 892 000 Online order: Email order: Advent Sereis Boat Rods Greys Advent ET greys advent rodsGreys Advent TE BASSNot just for bass, this is a cracking all rounder, sensitive, light, fabulous action. Give me one of these to work plastics, shads, light jigs, sandals, or bait, Bream, Flatties, Turbot, Bass, Pollack, Cod no problem!! 8'2" rated 12 - 20lb worth every penny of £99.99Simply Outstanding New Ranges from Greys You get Greys latest modern design, great quality blanks and the fittings, and truly exceptional prices. Check out the range below.Greys Advent BoatA range of boat rods to exceed your expectations with serious performance at amazing prices. Hi - Tec carbon blanks, SIC double legged braid safe rings lightweight, outstanding bite detection smoothly progressing to a balanced powerful butt.. 6-12lb ,Flatties, Bream and Bass 15-20lb, Bass Cod and Pollack, 20-30lb, All round charter boat favourite. 30-50lb Conger Skate big tides and fish. £49.99Greys Advent UptideHi Modulus carbon blank with a progressive action and the really critical thing with an untidier the tips just right, not to firm to trip the lead but enough power not to 'collapse'. 9'6" casting 6 - 10oz, one of those rods where everything is right and that certainly includes the price. £59.99Greys Advent PlusCutting edge technology and design coupled to a Hi - Modulus carbon blank make for even lighter, rods with increased sensitivity and power. Refined over a year of field testing featuring double legged SIC rings, fine balance, greater length and all at brilliant prices.6 - 12lb 8'6", 10 - 15lb 8'6", 15 - 20lb 8'6", 30lb 7'6" £89.99Top of the range. No compromise by Greys to bring you the best they have to offer.Advent TE Multi TipAn 8' rod 3 Tips and 1 Butt. Now, one top quality single rod to cover all your fishing. 12, 20 and 30lb tips that fit into a single butt. Now taking just one rod you can tackle just about anything swimming around the UK. £129.99£49.99£89.99Photo: Dave Roberts -

18uptidePENN Powerstix Boat RodsShakespeare Tidewater BoatSeven foot of progressive power, sensitive tip with plenty in reserve. 20lb an excellent all rounder. £2930lb general purpose up to light wrecking. £29ABU 7 Boat Rod 30lb Class 7' 2pcAn all rounder at a brilliant Veals price! This features a robust composite blank fitted with OVA rings and a locking butt/tip to keep both in line. Use it for normal bottom fishing, feathering or on the drift for flatties, Bass, Pollock or Cod. Veals price £19.95ABU Diamond Crest Jig 5' 2pc (Kayak)Ideal as a short Kayak rod this is rated at 20lb class with lots of power in the butt to deal with bigger fish if required, but subtle enough tip for lots of fun with the smaller stuff. Carbon composite blank with waterproof Eva handles and ts rings. VMO Price £19.99Penn PowerStix Pro Uptide 9'9"casting 4 - 10oz We really, really, like this rod. Every now and again we come across a rod that not only stands out from the crowd but waves and whistles at you, this is one of those rare examples. Everything feels 'right', the balance, the fittings, the 'feel' and when you find its as reasonably priced as this, it's going to be a winner!!srp £69.99 Veals Mail Order Price £54.00Penn Waveblaster Evo 2pc Equal Length The new LOW prices make these rods outstanding value. Good enough for us to sell last year at over £150 now at under £100... these are a STEAL!!!! They have a classic progressive action, featuring a sensitive tip with a smooth transfer to the reserves of power in the butt.8-12lb 8' Lovely for light Bass fishing and dingys £99.9912-20lb 7'10" Top all round Bass rod £99.9920-30lb 7'6" Top quality all rounder £99.9930-50lb 7'4"Powerhouse for big fish £99.99Penn TRQ Boat RodsPenns latest boat rods are built using the using a carbon core with carbon wrapping over it. Light and incredibly strong and they look the business too! TRQ 862 8'6", 12 - 20lb class light line for Bass Pollack etc. £88.99TRQ 842 8'4", 20lb class Bass, Cod, Pollock. £89.50 TRQ 862 8', 30lb class Powerfull all rounder. £89.99Penn Revo Bass Rods Outstanding rods for lures or soft plastics, from the boat or the shore.Revo Bass 742, 7'4", 2 equal sections 20/80gms £145Revo Bass 802, 8' , 2 equal sections 30/100gms £145Revo Bass 902, 9' , 2 equal sections 30/100gms £145Jarvis Walker RedBone Uptide 9'6" casting w4 - 10oz WOW what a cracker, we could sell this for twice the price. Outstanding value, nice action, fantastic price £29.99Shakespeare Tidewater Uptide9'6" Casting 6-10oz. At a price that belies its performance,it is a great entry level rod to try this style of fishing. £24.99ABU Suveran Uptide Evo 9'9" casting 5-10ozsrp£139.99 VMO £125 Latest version of this classic with new Multi-Dynamic IM6 carbon blank.Snowbee Deep Blue Charter7'6", 3 pc (33" carrying length) using Tri-Modulus carbon giving a smooth power curve. Plenty of SIC rings, H-D comfortable grips, and really classy looks. We like the action, the fittings, the length and especially the price. Excellent value for money. Deep Blue Charter Boat Rods all 7'6" 3 pc. 12lb Class inshore/Bass etc £59.99 20lb Class, ideal Bass Pollack £62.99, 30lb class Quality all rounder £64.99Shimano Vengence Slim BoatLatest modern style rods from Shimano. The long tip/short butt gives a nice action, but beware car doors. Using GeoFibre/XT30 carbon to give nice balance and feel. 6 -12 lb 7' light line, dingy,bass flattie rod £48.9912 - 20lb ideal for fishing light £48.99, 20 - 30lb All rounder £48.99Sonik Boat RodsTwo new ranges of boat rods the SK3 and the SK4 are all 7'6", 2pc splitting in the handle, with unlocking screw winches, advanced compound tapered blanks. Sensitive tips with plenty of progressive power in the butt, really nice fishing rods. The SK4 also features specialised low profile braid rings.8 - 12lb SK3 £59.99 Sk4 £79.99 12 - 20lb SK3 £59.99 Sk4 £79.9920 - 30lb SK3 £59.99 Sk4 £79.99 30 - 50lb SK3 £59.99 Sk4 £79.99ABU SW Suveran EvoThe latest of this classic range of boat rods rated by many as the best available. Reworking keeping Fuji SIC rings and a new Multi-Dynamic IM6 carbon blank, new longer lengths and suitable for mono or braid and an even smoother action.12lb class 8'6", 20lb class 8'2", 30lb class 8', 50lb class 7'9" All At The Same Price srp £239.99 VMO Price £199 Daiwa Kenzaki £99.00Latest version of the outstanding Kenzaki range, the same outstanding blank with a few cosmetic changes, no need to worry... its still just as good as before! Lets hope that they can keep up with demand this year. 2pc or 3pc at the same price. The 3 piece easily fits in most car boots and has a slightly stiffer action .6lb Class 7'8" Rod, 12lb Class 7'8" Rod, 20lb Class 7'8" Rod, 30lb Class 7'6" RodPowerStix Pro 4pcThe latest version of the popular 4 piece PowerStix Boat. The PowerStix Pro range now features a new tip, giving a firmer action. Travel tube included and still at a fantastic price! 12-20lb7'6"Ideal all round light to medium boat rod. Bass, Pollack, etc. £52.2020-30lb7'6"General purpose rod. Good all rounder £52.2030-50lb7'4"Heavy duty. Skate, wrecking, etc. £52.2020-30lbBraid Special 8'2" A more mellow action, This is a sweet well balanced rod, that makes a fantastic all rounder. £56.20£24.99£99CHECK WEBSITE 4 MORE INFOadd Penn gto 220 for £48or 230 for £52 free tube£19.95veals