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FeathersMini FeathersShakespeare Killer Feathers & Rigs: 3 sets for £3.00, 10 sets for £9.00 any mixFeathers21 Veals Mail Order: 0845 644 1993 or 01275 892 000 Online order: Email order: & SabikisDaylite Lures3/0 4 feathers per string to 50lb line.3 sets £3.30 10 sets £9.25Tinsel Lures3/0 to 50lb line 4 feathers per string .50 line.3 sets £2.75 10 sets £7.75Grauvell Killa Coloured. 7 feathers per string 3/0 (Many anglers split them into 2 sets) 70lb line top quality whipped and lacquered.3 for £5.00 10 for £14.80Mackerel FeathersString of 6. Coloured, White or Black. 3 sets £2.35 10 sets £6.95Traditional Mackerel Feathers tried and tested patterns at great prices.Trace / Rig WinderIdeal for feathers. 7.5"/20cm 95pCod FeathersStrings of 3, Coloured or White. Also suitable for Pollack and Coalfish.3 sets £2.25 10 sets £6.60Wrecking FeathersString of 3 tied on 100lb line to eyed 6/0 O'Shaughnessy hook. Coloured or White.3 sets £3.60 10 sets £10.50Jumbo Daylite LuresString of 4. Bigger size for Cod and Pollack.3 sets £3.75 10 sets £10.80Tronix Prawn Rig3x Size 1, 40lb main line. Tronix Shrimp4x Size 8, 35lb main line. Luminous or Coloured.Tronix Mini Hokkai3x Size 8, 28lb main line. Tronix Micro Rig5x Size 12, 25lb main line. Hokkais and Sabikis with plastic heads or fishskin wings these are a cut above traditional feathers.Mustad ShrimpersString of 5. Size 4 hooks to 25lb line.Sandeels or difficult conditions.3 sets £3.90 10 sets £12.20Mackerel HokkaiString of 3. Imported, ideal for Mackerel bait fishing.Size 1/0 3 sets £3.50 10 sets £10.99Size 3/0 3 sets £3.75 10 sets £11.50Mustad Red Hokkai Lures4/0 3 feathers per string .50 line.3 sets £4.90 10 sets £15.30Mustad Hokkai Lures4/0 3 feathers per string .50 line.3 sets £4.90 10 sets £15.30Varivas Sabikis (Japanese)String of 6. Genuine fish skin wings. The ultimate Mackerel catchers. 1 sets £3.30 3 sets £9.00CHECK WEBSITE 4 more deals£3.603 sets£11.2010 setsdeadlyYamashita Japanese Quality Mini Feathers (Size 6 hooks)Ideal for catching sandeels, species hunting, or when bait is hard to catch. Using superior Japanese materials, tied in China to keep them affordable ... all at Veals Mail Order low prices. Using 20lb main line these are not suitable for use with conventional beach casting gear.Yamashita Pro 'Sabiki - Feather'Mini Sabikis with a reflective stip Size 6 20lb main, 14lb snood,F600 White, or FL604 coloured. £2.99 per set.Yamashita Pro Sabiki - Shrimp (AS604)Coloured translucent body mimic this staple fish food. Ideal for a wide range of species as well as sandeels. £2.99 per set.Yamashita Pro Sabiki - Mini Shrimp (UVS503)Luminous mini shrimps on short shank hooks sandeel 'specials' £2.99 per set.Storm Squid Jigs £3.00 eachSuper attractive Storm Squid jigs with lead keels for stability and double hooks. 130mm Blue, Fire Prawn, Fire Tiger, Pink Flash.Tronix Pro Squid Jig £2.2570mm with double hooks, no keel, Blue or Green.Tsunami Scented SandeelsAwesome realistic finish with added Scent, mini 4" size available4" Pkt of 6 for £4.996" Pkt of 5 for £4.99£5.502 storm squid jigsShakespeare ExocettString of 3, 40lb/40lb, hook size 2/0Mackerel/Pollock/Bass plain or deadly baited.Shakespeare SuperFlash MiniString of 5, 20lb/10lb, hook size 6Sandeels / difficult conditions.Shakespeare Silver DreamString of 3, 35lb/35lb, hook size 2/0Mackerel/Pollock/Bass and can be baited.Shakespeare LumiFlash MiniString of 5, 20lb/10lb, hook size 6Sandeels / difficult

22SPINNERSVarivas gran hoking mastersSpinners, Jigs & hooksDexter WedgeExtra long casting. 16gm£2.30 28gm/1oz £2.7045gm/1.5oz £3.70 60gm/2oz £4.2580gm £4.65 110gm £5.25 150gm £6.50 200gm £7.80Varivas Gran Hooking Master... Heavy Wide £2.75 per pkt. Sharp, strong and a big gape for better hook holds 2/0, packet of 7, 3/0 and 4/0 6 per packet. Varivas Gran Hooking Master...Monster Class£2.75 per pkt. Ultra Heavy Wire the name says it all. 4/0 or 5/0, packet of 5.With the increased interest in fishing plastics we have imported two outstanding new hook patterns from Japan. Finest quality and design make these the very best available to you at Veals Mail Order prices.Spinners give you the edge when the fish are far out as they will outcast any plug, and it is easy to get them to fish deep. Bass are not always in the top water or close in, you need to put your lure where they are feeding. This is particularly true in the boat when you are generally fishing deeper water than from the shore. Trolling or casting from the boat with a deep diving or sinking plug or Redgill can be deadly. Super Sandeel (Nordic Herring)Colours may vary. New top quality Sandeel imitation. Effective and long casting. 15gm & 50gm £1.50Maria Viva ParadeThese Japanese spinners really do the business. On the "secret list" in N.Ireland for Sea Trout, they are brilliant for Bass and Mackerel. The fluttering motion as they sink, highlighting the amazing iridescent colour effects. Black, Blue and Green available in 21gm (Black only) £5.20 28gm £5.65ABU TobyThe classic all purpose lure from the original makers.Silver 20gm £2.89 28gm £3.35Blue/Silver 20gm £2.99 28gm £3.50Bass WedgeImported copy of this long casting classic now available in assorted colours. 28gm £1.90 32gm £2.10 39gm £2.30ABU KosterReturn of an old favourite, available in Copper or Silver28gm £1.45 40gm £1.60 60gm £2.25Rocky (Toby Imitation)Assorted colours, undulating, wobbling action. 16gm £1.90 30gm £2.00 40gm £2.25Barracuda HeavyResin style, mini Mackerel body, its compact size gives more distance and gets down deep. 35gm £1.50Condor Bar/German Sprat/CebarTraditional slim, silver Sandeel imitation.3.5" 18gm £1.80 4" 28gm £1.99 4.5" 38gm £2.20Silverheads SupaFlashNow available again. We are pleased to have these long casting sandeel imitations back again. Very effective for Bass and Mackerel 28gm £1.50ea 45gm £1.70eaYamashita Ma2 Round 2/0 Round bend with a coil to secure your plastic. Sizes 7gm or 10gms 5 per Pkt of 5 £3.50Owner Bullet Ultra Head Offset Owner Japanese hook enables you to fish your plastic weedless into places you would never cast a plug.1/0 Owner Hook Weight 1/8oz pack of 4 £4.951/0 OwnerHook Weight 3/16oz pack of 4 £4.95Owner Sled Head Easy 'twist on' plastic retainer, weedless snag-free fishing for plastics. 2/0 Owner Hook, Weight 3/16oz Pack of 4 £4.45Owner Ultra Head 'Stand Up'Owner hooks married to a vertical head, ideal for bouncing along the bottom. 3/0 either 1/4oz or 3/8oz pkt of 5 £4.45Berkley V'Ticle Jig HeadColours Flu Orange, Pearl White or Natural. Designed to enhance a vertical presentation using high quality hooks and a tough finish. Size 1/0 14gm 5 for £5.99Size 3/0 17.5gm 5 for £5.99Size 5/0 28gm 4 for £5.99Mr TwisterBeen importing these from USA fish for 20 years. Simple plastic attachment on spike. Gives weedless snag-free 'sink and draw' or horizontal presentation.2/0 Hook, Weight 1/2oz 99p each4/0 Hook, Weight 3/4oz £1.15 eachRocket Head 24gm 6/0 Plated heavy duty hook with rocket head 75peaJig Ball Head6/0 Plated heavy duty hook with ball style lead Available in 1.5oz or 2oz 75p eachNon Snag Eel HookIn 10s 2/0 £1.50 4/0 £1.70Veals E.C. Jelly HooksSold in 20s. 1/0 £2.50 3/0 £3.20CHECK WEBSITE 4 MORE INFOjelly not includedplastic not