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29 Veals Mail Order: 0845 644 1993 or 01275 892 000 Online order: Email order: Ladle SureSpin Mark II £94Britain's most popular quality traditional Bass spinning rod. Why? Mike is a hugely experienced practical Bass fisherman and recognised saltwater spinning/plugging authority who is also a scientist used to evaluating performance. Combine him with Daiwa who have the expertise and technical know how to produce outstanding rods, add input from us at V.M.O. and a great rod was born. Technical Stuff 11' 2pc, casting 15-60 gm, weight 230gm A versatile combination of power and sensitivity, it takes light plugs, poppers, distance work and even float fishing in its stride. It really is as good as they say! Ladle SureSpin 10/10 Pro £145The brief was to improve the original SureSpin, regardless of cost. It had to be slimmer, lighter, with improved performance and 3pc to fit the car boot. No easy task, and after several prototypes the only answer was for Daiwa to design and make a new mandrel, to get the right action and that special 'feel' that makes a rod stand out. The result is a 3pc rod at 10'10" that outperforms the SureSpin, is 1oz lighter and a joy to use.Technical Stuff 10'10", 3pc, casting 10-50 gm, weight 200gm.All the attributes of the SureSpin but 3pc, lighter and with extra performance.Mike Ladle SureSpin 10/10 Pro: 10'10" casting 15-50gm, 3pc, dedicated Bass spinning rod made by Daiwa in Scotland, exclusively for Veals Mail Order.Mike Ladle SurePopper £99To meet the demand for a shorter more powerful rod for popper/surface plugging we asked Mike to continue working with Steve Harrison. The result is the SurePopper, more powerful with a firmer tip, this really makes them pop and has extra umph for powerful foreign fish. Technical Stuff 9'9", 4pc in tube, casting 20-75gm, weight 312gm.The best of 'Traditional' British style bass spinning rods. Long casting, versatile. Lures, float and light bait, simply outstanding performers.Mike Ladle 4SureSpin Mark II £87Designed for the Bass plugger who wants a shorter rod, combined with the convenience of a 4pc in a tube so it's easy to carry on a rucksack or abroad. For this rod Mike collaborated with Dr Steve Harrison of Harrisons Advanced Rods in Liverpool and another cracking rod was born.Technical Stuff 10', 4pc (34.5"in tube), casting 15-50gm weight 270gmA travel friendly, all round Bass spinning rod, that has tamed Tarpon to 60lb+.Sea Angler: "A purpose built 10' sea rod" "Fantastic value for money" "Perfect for spinning"Total Sea Fishing:"Perfect for the travelling angler, or anyone who wants to keep a rod and some lures in the boot of the car"Alan Yates in a comparison test in Sea Angler said: "This is the pick of the bunch. Designed by a bass angler for bass lure fishing"Total Sea Fishing said:"The best bass spinning rod on the market"Britain's best selling quality Traditional bass lure RodONLY£87Testing Times Total Sea Fishing Barney Wright known for plain speaking rated for Appearance, Casting, Fishing and Value for Money.Hope you're impressed - he certainly was!Daiwa SweepfireABU Cardinal Saltwater174Pflueger Infusion SSShimano Technium 4000FCMike Ladle 4SureSpin£99£119£129£182Mike Ladle SureSpin£108£127£139£189Mike Ladle 10/10 SureSpin Pro£158£177£188£239Mike Ladle Sure Popper£112£131£142£194Rod and reel dealsSureSpin 40/40 4SureSpin 40/40Mike Ladle Lure£94£99£145IDEAL FOR BASSIDEAL FOR BASSIDEAL FOR BASSIDEAL FOR

30Lure ReelsDaiwa Sweepfire 4000X £19.90Twist buster roller with ABS spool with flat wind oscillation. Long, trouble free casting, plus Daiwa reliability at a great price. 240/12lb.Grauvell Iris ZR40 £34.99 8 Ball bearing, Alloy spool, Titanium coated anti twist roller, 5:5:1 ratio, 200/12lb, fantastic price.Grauvell ZF 3500 £89.99The highest spec, Large Grauvell spinning reel we sell, with titanium coated spool lip and a build quality that is going to last and last. 7B/B, titanium coated b/bearing roller, Anti-twist, 300/15lb. Spare metal spool.Penn Atlantis 4000A tough reel, loads of torque with a quality feel, including spare spool. Capacity 200/10lb ratio 5.8:1 SRP £182.99 VMO Price £142.99Ryobi Artica 4000Anti Corrosion treated for saltwater use, brass helical precision cut gears (for long wear and ultra smooth operation). 5 S/steel B/bearings, 220/12lb, £74.99Abu Cardinal 504i Braid SpecialFront or Rear Drag, top specification ABU Cardinals, lightweight and ideal with the current shorter lure rods. Saltwater protected, Braid and Deep spools, 7 HPCR Bearings.C504i FD Front DragC504i RD Rear DragABU Cardinal Saltwater 174SWiDesigned by ABU for saltwater spinning, it features Stainless Steel Mainshaft and Hardware, 4 Ball Bearings, IAR, 5.1:1 retrieve and a capacity of 210yds 10lb. It comes with a spare graphite spool and makes a cracking tough bass lure reel for braid or nylon. srp £45.99 VMO Price £34.99Abu Ambassadeur Blue MaxFrom Abu, this competitively priced, low profile bait caster reel, is outstanding value with adjustable magnetic cast control. 200/12lb. Left hand wind. srp £35.99 VMO Price £29.99Grauvell Capri GT 60 £39.99Light Jigging / Boat / Abroad / Heavy Spin / Estuary Fixed Spool Reel at a super price. Including spare metal spool. 200/17lb, 5:1,5B/BOkuma Trio FD 40 for Braid or MonoInovative new reels featuring EOS (Elliptical Oscillation System) for exceptional line lay with 9 S/S bearings, brass pinion gear, aluminium/graphite body and rotor, and CRC (corrosion resistant coating) to name just a few teatures. Outstanding reel from Okuma.Trio 40 rd 5:1312gm 190/10lb £59.00 Trio55 rd435gm 300/13lb £59.50Pflueger Infusion7640SS Veals special - Exclusive import from the USA. Rigid aluminium body, light weight, 5B/B, anti-twist roller, 6.2:1 fast retrieve. Metal S/S, ideal size for braid or nylon. 190/10lb.great valueSuperioraction made in Japansave £40designed for boat usetop sellersuperlightsea AnglerEditor's choice£49.90£69introductory